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Desview Field-Monitor R6 mit Touchscreen

Desview R6 - Field monitor with touch screen

If you've all too often found your camera's built-in screen to be too small, then this is the time of small screens with the Desview Camera Monitor R6 now over.

Touchscreen Field-Monitor

5.5 inch touch screen display

The external field monitor has a Screen diagonal of 5.5 inches and the operation of monitors is done easily and conveniently via touch screen, so you can easily tap through the menu.

Desview Field-Monitor mit 2.800 Nits Helligkeit

Full HD resolution and brightness of 2,800 nits

In addition, the small external monitor over a Full HD resolution and with the impressive Brightness of 2,800 nits you have no problems seeing all the contents of the monitor and operating it, even in strong sunlight.

Field-Monitor mit HDMI-Anschlüssen

HDMI input and output with 4K support, 1/4" connectors and cold shoe adapter

With an HDMI input and output on the monitor, you can play videos in 4K, for example, from your camera through the monitor on another device. The integrated 1/4 inch connections on the side and bottom of the monitor as well as the supplied cold shoe adapter also ensure quick and secure attachment in a horizontal or vertical position directly on your camera or on a tripod.

5,5" Touchscreen Kamera-Monitor mit vielen Funktionen für Video- und Fotografie

False Colour, Focus Peaking, Waveform, Vectorscope, Histogram and LUT import

The Desview Camera Monitor R6 has numerous useful features that come with Photo and video shoots are very helpful in the studio or on location.

With the „Zebra featuren for example, you can see which areas are overexposed, giving you a better idea of ​​outlines and light and dark areas.

The „False color functionn allows you to display overexposed areas in dark red and thus correct them.

The „Center Cross functionn can be adjusted to better adjust aspect ratios.

With the Aspect ratio functiono“ you can see which area will be in the picture later and with video editing software you can later transfer the photo to the format, whereas the Safe area functiona“ indicates which area must be in the picture so that the recordings can later be transferred to other formats.

through the Focus peaking functiong“ Sharpening and blurring are more visible in the image, colors of the focus peaking can be set in four different colors (red, green, blue and grey) and intensities can be set to different strengths.n.

Also „waveform“, i.e. controlling the luminance level, and „grid,, i.e. the division into individual image areas, are among other helpful functions with which the Camera monitor R6 Is provided.

The rash and recording of audio can be done with the Audio meters functionr“ are displayed and the field monitor has sound playback. You can also use the supplied USB stick to quickly and easily load LUTs onto the monitor, i.e. preset sets for colour, brightness, saturation and more.

Akkubetrieb optional möglichNote: Battery shown not included! (Available seperately)

Battery operation possible with NP-F type batteries

The Camera monitor R6 is compatible with our batteries from Type NP-F and with our battery charger type NP-F.


Desview R6 Field Monitor video

Technical data
screen size: 5.5"
Resolution: 1920x1080
Brightness: 2,800 nits
Contrast: 1,000:1
viewing angle: 178 °
Backlight: LEDs
Power supply: DC 7 - 24V / 12W
Connections: DC connection (input / output), HDMI connection (input / output), USB connection, 3.5 mm jack connection, 2 x 1/4" connection, cold shoe connection, SD memory card slot
Material: plastic
Dimensions: 15.1 x 8.9 x 2.5 cm
Weight: 240g
scope of delivery
  • 1 x monitor
  • 1x USB stick
  • 1x cold shoe adapter
  • 1x micro HDMI cable
  • 1x Mini HDMI Cable
  • 1x cleaning cloth

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