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RolleiF:X Pro UV round filter
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Rollei Filter Premium UV Filter RundfilterRollei Filter Premium UV Filter Rundfilter
RolleiPremium UV filter round filter
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Camera UV filters made of Gorilla Glass protect your lensiv

Like many DSLM or DSLR-filters (system cameras or digital SLR camera filters) for modern cameras, also the UV filter from Rollei is screwed onto the camera lens. This is because even though we cannot see the UV light (ultraviolet sunlight), it does affect the image quality if it is not filtered.

Ultraviolet radiation, or the portion of scattered light known as Raleigh radiation, can cause a blue colouration in images, which was often only noticed afterwards. The chromatic aberration of high UV light components can also lead to reduced clarity. 

Today's main task of a high-quality UV filter is definitely to protect expensive lens front lenses from mechanical damage. Especially from scratches and stubborn dirt. Because it is much easier and cheaper to replace a scratched filter than a scratched lens. Thanks to the special manufacturing processes and the high-quality components of our filters, they can also be used together with reflection-reducing lenses.

"Lens flares", i.e. glare spots and other quality prints are eliminated. The Rollei UV round filters only minimally impair and darken the incidence of light and can remain on the lens. However, they should not be used in combination with polarising filters or ND filters.

Gorilla®* glass and the indestructible titanium ring of the Extremium Filters

Rollei Premium and Extreme UV filters are made of high-quality and absolutely robust Gorilla®* glass and have been additionally coated. The so called Luminance Coating adds another coating where oil, water and mud simply roll off. The high-quality coating of the glass ensures that, despite the filter, the colour neutrality is maintained, while distortions and reflections are reliably prevented.


*Gorilla® is a registered trademark of Corning Inc.