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Candela 60 Bi-ColorCandela 60 Bi-Color
RolleiCandela 60 Bi-Color
price offer99,00 € Regular price169,99 €
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Candela 100 Bi-ColorCandela 100 Bi-Color
RolleiCandela 100 Bi-Color
price offer149,00 € Regular price229,99 €
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Candela 220 Bi-ColorCandela 220 Bi-Color
RolleiCandela 220 Bi-Color
price offer299,00 € Regular price349,99 €
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Candela 330 Bi-ColorCandela 330 Bi-Color
RolleiCandela 330 Bi-Color
price offer499,00 € Regular price599,99 €
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Available Soon
45 cm quick parabolic softbox45 cm quick parabolic softbox
RolleiBag for Candela 220
price offer49,99 €
RolleiBag for Candela 330
price offer69,99 €
RolleiRemote control for Candela
price offer39,99 €
RolleiClamp for Candela 220/330
price offer29,99 €
Available Soon
NP-F adapter for Candela 60/100NP-F adapter for Candela 60/100
Available Soon
V-mount adapter for Candela 60/100V-mount adapter for Candela 60/100
Bundle 2x battery NP-F980 plus incl. chargerBundle 2x battery NP-F980 plus incl. charger
RolleiBundle 2x battery NP-F980 plus incl. charger
price offer78,00 € Regular price89,97 €
Bundle 2x battery type Sony NP-F960 incl. chargerBundle 2x battery type Sony NP-F960 incl. charger
RolleiBundle 2x battery type Sony NP-F960 incl. charger
price offer68,00 € Regular price79,97 €
Available Soon
Battery type Sony NP-F750Battery type Sony NP-F750
RolleiBattery type Sony NP-F750
price offer24,99 €
RolleiBattery type Sony NP-F960
price offer29,99 €
RolleiBattery NP-F980 plus
price offer49,00 €
RolleiNP-F550 ProWhite
price offer19,99 €
RolleiNP-F750 ProWhite
price offer29,99 €
RolleiNP-F970 ProWhite
price offer39,99 €


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