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Rollei Equipment Smartphone Halterung IIRollei Equipment Smartphone Halterung II
RolleiSmartphone holder II
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Rollei Stative Smartphone HalterungRollei Stative Smartphone Halterung
RolleiSmartphone holder
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Rollei Stative Tablet-HalterungRollei Stative Tablet-Halterung
RolleiTablet holder
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Mobile and variable - first-class content with the smartphone holder

Current smartphones are proving to be true all-rounders. A lot has happened in recent years, especially when it comes to taking photos and videos. Not only are the built-in sensors becoming more and more powerful, the optical elements of the permanently installed lenses also allow sharper images than ever. The amazing thing about a smartphone is not only the image and video quality, but above all the handiness and the associated spontaneity with which content can be created in first-class quality.

The secret to being able to develop the full potential of the smartphone when taking photos and especially when filming is a good smartphone holder. This is an inexpensive but extremely versatile addition to the existing accessories. Especially when videographers, streamers or vloggers already have a tripod, no matter what size, the many advantages of the smartphone holder become apparent.

Take good photos with your phone

Those who like to take photos or create videos indoors want blur-free images. A cheap smartphone holder is just the thing for this case. The mobile phone holder for the tripod supports framing and ensures that you can work with a lower ISO, i.e. with a lower light sensitivity of the sensor in the smartphone. If you operate your device in manual mode, you prevent digital image noise and get sharper images with richer colors.

Can be combined with any type of tripod

A smartphone holder is required to connect a tripod to the smartphone. Regardless of whether filmmakers attach the bracket directly to the tripod or use a suitable tripod head for even more variability, thanks to the 1/4 thread, i.e. a thread for screws with a quarter inch diameter, any kind of combination is possible. The good smartphone holder can even be attached to light stands in no time at all, as this is usually equipped with an adapter that allows you to determine the thread size yourself.

Inexpensive smartphone tripods the all-rounders in equipmentg

If you want to travel light but still want to take good pictures, you can leave heavy cameras and their accessories at home and use your smartphone instead. Inexpensive smartphone tripods combine the functionality of a table tripod with that of a mobile phone holder. The innovative design ensures that the accessories can be quickly folded up and easily stowed away. The holder guarantees a firm and secure fit of the smartphone. This means that good recordings can also be made outdoors, even in light winds.

Adaptable and flexible for new perspectivesl

Since the mobile phone holder for the tripod can be attached to any type of tripod, creative recordings can now be made easier than ever. Applications with a flexible gorilla pod, a slider for particularly valuable videos or a boom tripod for a bird's eye view are conceivable. With just one small, inexpensive and robust accessory, it is possible to take photographic and cinematic work with the smartphone to the next level. Spontaneous streams or investigative video reports cheap smartphone tripods make it possible..

- small, handy and robust
- indispensable for high-quality smartphone content
- Simpler picture composition and blur-free pictures
- Easier work alone
- Safe hold and combination with all common tripods possible