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Lion Rock Traveler - the ideal travel tripod
The tripod is indispensable for certain types of photography. Examples are long exposures or astrophotography. When traveling, you want the best memories to be as simple as possible, but conventional tripods are often too heavy and unwieldy. This is where the carbon travel tripod comes into play. This tripod for on the go is always the right choice if you don't want to forego the best quality, but still want your luggage to be as light as possible.

Large working height with a small pack size

A travel tripod made of carbon combines the lowest possible weight with maximum stability. Despite the small pack size, which guarantees that the travel tripod for DSLR and Co. fits into any kind of luggage, it can be used almost like a larger and heavy tripod, which is mainly used in the studio. The well thought-out construction of the travel tripod is light and yet stable. This means that photographers can use heavy cameras or large telephoto lenses without any problems.

If the camera tripod is light, you can take it with you on a hiking excursion or a longer walk. It is easy to get annoyed about heavy and unwieldy equipment, but a light travel tripod fuels your own creativity and enables you to do completely different things. Anyone who hopes for recommendations from a travel tripod will quickly get lost in a larger search for the right accessories. The models from the Lion Rock Traveler series show what is important. If you want to buy a travel tripod, you not only want light weight and small pack size, but above all an aid that you can always rely on. Especially when traveling, the lightweight tripod has to show what it's capable of.

Travel tripod and small pack size of four leg segments make it possible

Thanks to the eleven-layer carbon used in the models from the Lion Rock Traveler series, this offers the greatest possible stability even with four individual segments per leg. All light tripods are also equipped with spikes. Photographers can choose between the non-slip rubber feet or the spikes underneath, which offer a secure hold on wet or icy surfaces. If you want even more stability, you can use the integrated hooks on the center column to provide even more stability with your own camera bag, for example.

The tripod is light, even when the tripod head is attached, so that it is of no consequence even on longer tours. In its largest version, the Lion Rock Traveler carries an astonishing 20 kilograms of load despite its weight of less than 1.5 kilograms. This means that photographers have a free choice of photo or video camera and do not have to do without the use of larger professional equipment when traveling.

Use in all conditions

In order for a tripod to be called the best travel tripod, it has to pass many individual categories with flying colors. Photographers appreciate the Lion Rock Traveler because it is in no way inferior to heavy tripods and it can therefore be used in all creative areas without any restrictions.

The benefits of the Lion Rock Traveler

- robust, light and torsion-resistant thanks to carbon
- Small pack size and still large working height thanks to four leg segments
- with non-slip rubber feet and practical spikes
- set up in a few simple steps
- high load capacity with low dead weight