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Improved equipment for drop photographers

Verbessertes Equipment für Tropfen-Fotografen

Rollei launches MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit V2

Photographing the landing of a drop of water is always impressive and sometimes difficult to achieve. The MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit V2, of which Rollei is now already selling the second version in its online shop, can help. Compared to the first version, it brings some improvements..

Hamburg/Norderstedt, March 10th, 2021 Already that MIOPS splash kit with holder is a powerful gadget that the drop photography made child's play. This made it possible to photograph impressive water formations, which takes the viewer into a world that is normally hidden from the normal eye.

Not only the size of the falling drops can thus be adjusted, but also the time intervals at which a drop should be detached. You can also define whether the flash or camera should trigger with a delay. With the MIOPS Splash Kit photographers are not only able to photograph mushroom-like water formations, but also to capture drops that appear to be floating in the air over choppy water. And best of all: All necessary settings are per Smartphone and Bluetooth adjustable so that only the camera and flash need to be positioned.

So now MIOPS is launching the second version of the Splash Kit, the Splash Water Drop Kit V2 is called.

The improvements: The mechanism of the water column has been optimized so that water leakage is now prevented. In the first version, the water column also had to be laboriously removed in order to clean it. This has been changed to make it easier to remove the water column for cleaning. There's a screw on it for that Splash kit attached, which makes it no longer necessary to open the entire housing.

There is also a hidden button to manually switch the kit to upgrade mode. However, upgrades usually run through the app. In addition, the power circuit has been improved, allowing MIOPS to fix an issue that was causing valve deployment difficulties.

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Produktabbildung MIOPS Splash Water Drop KitProduktabbildung MIOPS Splash Water Drop KitProduktabbildung MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit