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Smartphone photography

Whether photo, selfie or video for social media: the smartphone is a constant companion and can produce true masterpieces with the right accessories. At Rollei you will find smartphone tripods, vlogging kits, selfie sticks and many other products. If necessary, you can also find suggestions and inspiration in ourBlog.

The right tripod

Depending on the direction in which smartphone photography should go, a suitable tripod is required. On the one hand, it should be able to attach a smartphone, and on the other hand, it should be stable and the right size.

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Smartphone holder

For everyone who already has a photo tripod at home, a smartphone holder is the perfect addition. This can easily be screwed onto the tripod and clamped in the smartphone.

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Creative lighting

Our small and compact ones are suitable for creative and exciting lighting setupsLUMIS LED permanent lights outstanding. We offer a selection of different sizes and shapes so that you are well equipped for your photo project.

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Great photos with the smartphone

In this blog post you will learn how you can easily create exciting portraits with your smartphone.

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Colorful product photos

Product photos with the smartphone

Looking for creative ideas for the next product shoot. Our blog tells you how you can implement colorful product photos with a simple photo setup..

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Themed world

Beauty photography

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