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Christmas gift ideas


Christmas is a really special time. It is a time of contemplation and charity. It is a time of shutting down and letting go of everyday stress. You find each other and show mutual affection.

And last but not least, of course gifts . Every year you ask yourself what the recipient might like.


Great gift ideas for photography fans & professionals

You are looking for really good ones gifts for photography fans, that really every photographer can need?

Of course, you first have to think about what the person is talking about for Christmas could look forward to. Of course, we all know how big it is gift the photography overall already is. And about this gift To exercise properly, you need the right equipment.

Beginning of the photo career? Or already in the middle?

Gift ideas for getting started in photography

For example, you can start by buying a few basics that you can always use. Whether you are a beginner or a professional.

For example, ours are suitable for beginnersphoto backpacks or our popular oneCamera cleaning kit. Handy lights, such as ours, are also very popular with our customersLumen Pocket RGB or oursLumen Square. All of these products provide great light for on the go and are always a good one Gift for photographers who are just beginning their careers or are in the middle of it. Ours make sense at this point (if you tend to take photos with your cell phone).smartphone tripods. We also have a few particularly good specimens of them on offer. For example our small and flexible oneMonkeyPod 2 or oursSmartphone Tripod Traveler.

Hobby with potentially high reach

Gift ideas for vloggers & YouTubers

The term vlog or blog is derived from the word video blog or weblog, which means something like internet diary. Individual internet articles or videos are written on specific topics. For example, we also havea blog at Rollei, which is very general about the topic photography goes. Blogs and vlogs on the topic of cosmetics have a high reach. However, accessories for this range are not only cool Christmas gifts for girls & women , but now they are also cool overall Gift ideas for teenagers and actually all age groups and areas of interest, since the boundaries of interest are very fluid these days and all genders are interested in the same topics.

For example there is Food Blogs . Of the food bloggers or the food blogger deals primarily with food, the preparation of dishes and often gives tips for recipes and guides you through the entire cooking or baking process of a dish. Use often Food Blogger Youtube or Instagram .

We have put together a small product range for you Blogger, vlogger, youtuber or streamer definitely find something.

Smooth recordings and the perfect light for videos and photos

For example, we have ours for vloggers & YouTubersSteady Butler Mobile 3SE on offer. This is a smartphone gimbal that, thanks to various motors integrated into the device, is particularly good at compensating for movements that are made, for example, when filming. So you can simply clamp your mobile phone into the gimbal and record smooth videos while you are running, because the gimbal counteracts the jerking. Of course, you can also take photos with it very well, since it also serves as a tripod.

For bloggers and vloggers ours are equally suitable at this pointring lights. A round LED light that can conjure up wonderful angel eyes in your eyes and evenly illuminates the face. A great gift forr Youtubers & Photographers .

A great hobby

Gift ideas for amateur photographers

For travel, as a hobby or job

Gift ideas landscape & travel photography

A wonderful area of photography is also that Nature & landscape photography . Anyone who has ever been out to photograph fallow deer, red deer or birds of prey knows how beautiful such a trip can be. We have one for thisArticle on animal photography written for you. For this orientation we have a wide range ofGifts for landscape & travel photographers on offer.

In the landscape photography For example, it is particularly important to have a strong tripod. The reason for this is that this tripod not only has to carry the camera, but also the lens.
A gimbal head can also be useful here, so that you can move the combination of large lens and camera smoothly and easily. We offer such a head with our popularLion Rock gimbal head on.

who to travel like the landscape For example, if you want to take a picture in the form of a panorama, could find out about oursPanorama head 200 Mark II be happy. This makes every panorama picture absolutely easy to handle.

Advanced category

Gift ideas for professional photographers

The last category we have is the areaGifts for professional photographersfor her. There you will find accessories that are tailored to the needs of experienced photographers, but which may also be related hobby photographers can trust. These include, for example, ours‚FX: Pro filterr, which you can use to create beautiful long exposures that, for example, blur water and show flowing movement.

Everything for the home studio:studio flash, continuous light, light shaper, lamp tripod

For the professionals who have their own home studio, for example, we still have our strong ones in this categoryStudio flash HS Freeze 6s for you, which has a recycling time of 0.9 seconds. It also comes with a particularly strong battery for up to 500 releases at full power, Bowens connection and a practical modeling light and many other practical properties.

You will also find strong permanent lights, light shapers or lamp tripods as well as cleaning sets for professional photographers .

Do you have any further questions gift ideas? Then we will be happy to help you at any time.

Your Rollei team