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    Buy reflectors & folding reflectors with diffusers - photography with light and shadow

    With reflectors and folding reflectors from Rollei you can bundle the enormous flash power of your studio flashes exactly on the desired motif. Thanks to the manufacturer-independent Bowens connection you can also combine our light shapers with existing equipment. Through the reflective surface or inside, depending on the type of reflector, the incident and large-area flash light is directed onto the motif in order to brighten up areas that are too dark and to design the illumination creatively. In contrast to the soft and very flattering light of a softbox, a reflector provides a relatively hard light and clearly contoured shadows.

    Diffusers and folding reflectors are used in product and portrait photography whenever a part of the face or a certain area of the product to be photographed does not receive enough light. Reflectors such as the aluminum reflector thus diffuse soft, diffuse and large-area illumination with a central center of gravity, creating a steerable light cone with a hard edge that increases towards the center. 

    Tips for photography with camera flash, folding reflectors and diffuser

    • With folding reflectors you can avoid shadows under the eyes and nose in outdoor portrait photography with the sun from above.
    • In the photo studio you can use an unleashed flash to flash from the right or left of the model and the reflector position on the other side in order to illuminate both sides well.
    • Be careful when using a reflector for brightening from below, because that quickly looks unnatural. It is true that you brighten up from below to avoid shadows. However, the reflected light should not be stronger than the light from above. The brightness is adjusted by the distance between reflector and subject, the closer the brighter.).
    • Black folding reflectorsare ideal for darkening low-key photography where the available light should only fall on one side of the subject. Unwanted reflections on the other hand are prevented by the light reflecting back through the black surface.
    • With help of a diffuser hard direct light is made soft and the brightness in the subject situation is reduced. This also primarily makes sense in direct and intense sunlight. This is how you can prevent hard shadows on your face despite the midday sun.