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    14 products

    The Lumis LED series - perfect for video and photographers

    The light plays a crucial role in the recording of videos and photos. The Lumis LED series includes powerful LED panels in many different sizes. The permanent lights in the Pocket size ideal, in the studio the best results can be achieved with our larger models.

    The light you want in next to no time

    Video and photographers create with a continuous LED light from the Lumis series different lighting moods in a few simple steps. The innovative combination of cold white LEDs, warm white LEDs and additional colored LEDs enables a precise control the light temperature, the light color and the saturation of the selected color. That LED light panel RGB This makes it ideal for a balanced combination with daylight and ambient light and videographers, vloggers and streamers create unusual lighting moods as desired.


    Flexible on the go and always ready for action

    LED panels and other lights from the Lumis series show their strengths especially at work on-location . The ¼ inch connection thread and the additional Cold shoe adapter enable use on a light stand, by hand, on a rig or on the camera. Individual RGB LEDs from the Lumis series can be easily combined with each other to create the perfect set-up for a wide variety of applications. Regardless of whether the light is used to create a short smartphone report, for an interview or a professional video conference, thanks to the variably adjustable color temperature and the easy-to-use RGB mode interface, the lights from the Lumis series are always ready for use.

    Long-lasting battery and power bank function

    You can rely on the LED light battery for a longer video shoot or an intensive photo shoot. This guarantees a constant performance for many hours at the same time short loading times . In addition to its function as an energy source for the LED permanent light and the practical OLED display serve the rechargeable lithium polymer batteries as a power bank. This ensures that none of the battery-operated devices used gives up the ghost before the end of the recordings.

    The right size for the intended use

    One of the strengths of the Lumis series is its variety of products. Creatives choose between a classic one LED light panel RGB in different sizes, but can also opt for a Mini ring light , a U-Light , a round version, the mini series or for comfortable bundles decide with practical table stands and more. This makes it easy to transform your desk, office and pretty much any other place into a professional and well-lit studio.

    With extensive accessories and the practical scope of delivery, the Lumis LED series is the right choice for filmmakers, vloggers, streamers and creative photographers who value robust and reliable equipment and who want to stay particularly mobile. The variable setting options for the color temperature and the simple control of individual colors from the entire visible spectrum allow amazing effects that give your own filmic or photographic material that certain something.