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    69 products

    Rollei LED lights for professional lighting

    Without the right light, the best camera is of no use to you. With our Lumen product range, you get strong LED permanent lights that you can use in many areas. We designed them for customers who need professional light for their photography and videography and want to give their photos and videos that special touch.

    Ring light, rod light, pocket

    Our ring light lumen ring, for example, creates an impressive shine in the eyes of the filmed subject, which surrounds the pupil. This effect is also called angel eyes and is often used in beauty photography , but also by Youtubers and Instagramers who publish make-up tutorials, for example.

    Lumen products with a high color rendering index

    We placed great value in the development of our Lumen products , so that the color rendering index of our permanent lights is 96. The lumen ring is not only suitable for beauty shots , but can also be used excellently in product, street and macro photography .