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Creative outdoor shooting ideas with the portable LED lights of the LUMIS series

Kreative Outdoor-Shooting-Ideen mit den transportablen LED-Lichtern der LUMIS-Serie

Photographer Jannik Wagner once again showed his skills in the creative outdoor shoot with model Sharmika in an abandoned hotel near Kaiserslautern. He used the mystical location and the atmosphere of a sandstone cellar with candlelight.

Variation in set construction with the LUMIS U-Light and the LUMIS Compact RGB

In the first set-up, Wagner used the RGB colors of the LUMIS CompactRGB, which produce a warm orange. The little light became in a lantern placed to perfectly imitate the glow of a candle. The light was removed in post-processing using Photoshop. That came as ambient light LUMIS U Light to use, which through various setting options cold Light produced and so a contrast to to warm light of LUMIS CompactRGB represented. The cold ambient light and the contrast generated by it provided for more structure in the background and put the wall in the limelight.

Rollei Lumis Shooting

Breathtaking reflections thanks to the ring light replacement!

In the second set-up, Wagner used that LUMIS U Light as a kind Ring Light Replacement. Due to the different setting options of the LUMIS U Light could be different Reflections in the model's eyes generate. The LUMIS CompactRGB was used as the ambient light in this set-up. Through the creative possibility blue light to create, the glass block window in the background could be ideally brought to bear. The blue ideally underlined the regular pattern of the joints and gave the picture a modern touch.

Reflexionen in den Augen dank LUMIS U-Light

In order to clarify the reflections in the eyes, Wagner created close-up sections of the eye area, which exude an impressive intensity. In the eyes you can clearly see the rectangular shape of the U-Light and so a great change from the well-known reflection of a ring light.

Close-Up: Reflexionen in den Augen

Spontaneity through the flexible use of the compact
LED lights

On the drive home from the setting, the photographer couldn't resist and took advantage of a chance moment to demonstrate the ease of use of the LUMIS series to clarify. The car, which had slightly fogged up windows due to the rainy weather, served as the set-up. The transportable LED lights were on the hood and once diagonally behind the model placed. The LUMIS U Light shone from the front with its cold white and illustrated the oncoming cars. through the fold-out feet the light could be placed and attached perfectly to the wiper. In contrast, this produced LUMIS CompactRGB a warm light from behind to accentuate the fogged up glass and create a nice grazing light on the model's hair and face.

A notice: Please note that the LED lights are not waterproof. Be careful when using it near water!

Foto-Shooting mit der LUMIS-Serie im AutoFoto-Shooting im Auto mit der LUMIS-Serie

Settings and camera options

Wagner photographed all set-ups with the Sony A7R3 and the Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 DG DN lens. The first construction in the sandstone cellar required one ISO value of 160 and a Exposure time of 1/100 second. In the second part of the shoot, the photographer increased the ISO value to 200, but left the aperture and shutter speed the same. Wagner used one for the spontaneous photos in the car f/4.0 aperture with ISO 12800 as well as one Exposure time of 1/100 second.

You have creative ideas Bring them on! We look forward to your image results  Instagram and Facebook under the hashtag #rolleicreate!


Photographer Jannik Wagner: Instagram
model Sharmika Thanabalasingam: Instagram

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