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Character portrait with continuous light? The Weeylite ninja 400 II in practice!

Charakterportrait mit Dauerlicht? Das Weeylite ninja 400 II im Praxistest!

Photographer Manfred Jasmund has been working as a photographer for 15 years, and in his own photo studio near Cologne for 5 years. With his work, where he focuses on photography Character portraits He has specialized in the field and has already won various awards. Since he had previously only worked with studio flashes for his work, he was very excited about this Weeylite ninja 400 II LED continuous light to test when working with us. Find out more about working with continuous light here his experiences during and after the test.

The goal of the shoot

To put the continuous light to the test, the photographer invited two different models. Jasmund enjoys working with us a light source in the style “of the old masters”, as he calls it. What he means by this can be clearly seen in the following picture.

From his point of view, it often doesn't take more than that to photograph an impressive portrait. Next to the Weeylite ninja 400 II he used one for the shoot Reflector and a softbox, which he attached to the permanent light. Additionally, he worked with a Canon 5D Mark IV camera with a Sigma 28-70 2.8 Art lens. All with the aim of his Photography style, which can be seen in the following picture, with a Continuous lighting instead of a studio flash to implement.

Working with an LED permanent light

Right from the start of the shoot, Jasmund was able to see a big advantage in working with LED continuous light. “What you can see is what you get,” said the photographer. It's through the e continuous illumination good to see what the exposure will be in the final photo. That's how it works Adjust light specifically.

Already during the first setup, the photographer was able to notice that working with LED continuous lights was different from studio flashes convenient features offers. That's how he was White balance with the camera For example, it was child's play because the specified color temperature of the continuous light could easily be adopted in the camera's settings. For the recordings themselves the brightness of the light between 85 and 90 percent set with the aim of keeping the camera's ISO value as low as possible.

When designing his lighting setup, he also emphasized that he was pleasantly surprised brightness of the light could be regulated so that the setup was also comfortable for the model.

Rollei Weelite

The position of the light was at the top right at an angle from the photographer's perspective 45 degrees on the model directed so that the halo appeared on the shadow side of the face. This Light setup will also be Rembrandt light called.

The character portraits that Manfred Jasmund photographs are what he particularly likes Light reflex in the eyes important. From his point of view, shots without this reflex appear demonic or somewhat dead. This effect can be achieved thanks to the constant control over the lighting with the Weeylite ninja 400 II adjust precisely, as he proves with this result with model Thomas.

Ergebnis Portrait-Fotografie mit dem Rollei Weeylite

focal length cover ISO Exposure time
70mm F/7.1 640 1/100 second

Model Vanessa's side parting posed a challenge for the photographer in another melancholic portrait. Because of her hairstyle own light effect As a result, the permanent light had to be adapted again to this situation. In the final result, the shadow of her strand of hair in the portrait looks like a tear running down her right cheek.

Ergebnis Portrait-Fotografie mit dem Weeylite ninja 400

focal length cover ISO Exposure time
64mm F/5.6 640 1/80 seconds

The conclusion to working with the ninja 400 II

Already when unpacking the LED permanent light, which is very valuable impression on the photographer, it was able to collect plus points. From Manfred Jasmund's point of view this is also the case adjustable power of the light great feature. Painting with light becomes easy, says Jasmund. After the photos have been taken, only small retouchings in photo editing software are necessary, as required. Post-processing is therefore limited to a minimum. The strong light output makes it possible to use t ISO ranges to work that guarantee optimal results. When the aperture is open, you can even work with the lowest ISO values. For Manfred Jasmund that is Weeylite ninja 400 II hence a clear one Recommendation for work in Portrait area. He was able to perfectly implement his photography style even with a continuous light, as can be seen in the results.

If you have also implemented great image ideas and would like to share them with us, feel free to tag us Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to your creativity!


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