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Lion Rock Pro: That is why professional Stephan Wiesner uses the tripod

Lion Rock Pro: Darum nutzt Profi Stephan Wiesner die Stative

The first thing you meet when you start photography is the meaning of a good tripod. A stable tripod is one of the most important tools and can make the difference between a blurred snapshot and a razor -sharp recording. But why are tripods so indispensable and in which areas should you use them? 

Practical areas of application of tripods with a high load capacity 

  1. Long -term exposure: Tripods are indispensable for recordings in poor lighting conditions or at night, as they stabilize the camera and enable longer exposure times without the images blurring.
  2. Landscape photography: Precision is crucial in landscape photography. Tripods offer the necessary stability to take razor -sharp and detailed recordings, even in difficult weather conditions.
  3. Panorama photography: With the creation of panoramic images, a tripod helps to keep the camera at a fixed height and to take even overlaps that can later be put together into a seamless panorama.

The new generation of the Lion rock tripods 

Our Royal class of the tripod, the Lion rock series continues to set standards in professional photography. With the new models Lion Rock Pro and Lion Rock Traveler Pro offer uncompromising stability and precision for the most demanding operations. These tripods are particularly suitable for areas in which a high load capacity is required, such as when using heavy DSLR cameras, large telephoto lenses and extensive photo accessories such as a rectangular filter holder and much more. 

Lion Rock Mood

Stephan Wiesner and the Lion Rock series 

As early as 2024, professional Stephan Wiesner had the opportunity to test the new Lion Rock Pro in practice before the official launch. He took it on his tour to the island of Senja, the second largest island of Norway, which belongs to the Fylke Troms. The island is about 350 km north of the Arctic Circle, and when Wiesner was there, the deepest winter prevailed - the perfect conditions to check the new Lion Rock Pro. 

In his video for the trip, he not only introduces the highlights of the new Pro model, but also shows two settings in which different features of the tripod have helped him. 

Setting 1: rock formation 

Wiesner used the integrated and newly designed spikes for the safety of his camera and a stable hold. These spikes literally “claw” into the surface and enable safe work, even on slippery rocks and in uneven terrain. As a result, Wiesner was able to work from a quiet hand and take off -free shots. 

Lion Rock Traveler Pro

Setting 2: The rocks in the sea 

The revised tripod head of the Lion Rock Pro was particularly exciting for Wiesner. In the second setting, he demonstrated how he could turn the tripod head without losing the balanced position. This enabled him to finally set the image section in peace and in peace, even with constantly changing waves. With a tripod, Wiesner was able to wait for his motif for his motif without having to hold the camera in her hand and risk that she wobbles. 

Lion Rock Wiesner

A tripod made for missions without compromises 

Wiesner was very satisfied after the test and announced that the tripod would accompany him on further trips. It was particularly impressed by the balance between the own weight and load capacity. The Lion Rock Pro enables him to work with large lenses and filter owners. If necessary, he can also complain the tripod through the hook on the tripod head in order to achieve even more stability. The quick assembly and dismantling is also crucial for him, since sometimes a motif has to be photographed quickly. For him, the Lion Rock Pro is a clear recommendation. 

Wiesner Lion Rock

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