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    92 products

    A wide range of tripods for every purpose

    Despite image stabilizers in modern cameras, tripods are indispensable for the committed photographer and filmmaker. With a camera tripod the conditions for an optimal image quality are given for achieving even in low light conditions without wobbles. For example panoramic shots or long exposure. In addition, a tripod is essential forphotography with filters such as the gray filter or polarizing filter, as well as for long exposure during the day. Especially inurban photography, landscape photography and also for the desired motion blur in architectural photography. With the help of ND-filters, the long exposure time is essential.

    In landscape photography, people often work with ND filters, especially for shots with velvety-soft water surfaces of flowing water, such as waterfalls. CPL filters are often used in product photography, landscape photography and architectural photography to filter unwanted reflections, e.g. from window panes or water surfaces. A tripod is also essential for optimal adjustment of the image section and focal length. Choose the Rollei photo tripod that is ideal for you and your occasion and take pictures of unique quality. With us you´ll get light and compact   Travel tripods , mini tripods   (Table tripod & clamp tripod) for on the go and various tripod series with different advantages, including the Lion Rock series and City Traveler   Tripods made of carbon with a small pack size .