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VH-6 and VH-9:New high-capacity fluid video heads

VH-6 und VH-9: Neue Fluid-Videoköpfe mit großer Tragkraft

360 degree rotatable and adjustable handle that can be mounted on both sides

Photo accessories expert Rollei expands the video head range with two new members, the VH-6 and VH-9. The new VH-6 video head convinces with a load capacity of 10 kilograms and the VH-9 video head with a high load capacity of up to 12 kilograms. In addition, both heads have a handle that can be mounted and extended on both sides. This ensures that smooth camera pans are possible without shaking, even with larger camera-lens combinations.

Norderstedt, 09.03.2023. For the creation of professional video recordings is the use of a corresponding video tripod head provided with many advantages. Style elements of videography such as gentle pans can be implemented easily and smoothly with the new products from Rollei. They are particularly exciting Video heads VH-6 and VH-9 therefore for videographers and content creators who want to create high-quality recordings.

Stepless and smooth vertical movements are possible through the smooth fluid damping secured. In addition, the base with the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees also contributes to clean pans.

Made of sturdy aluminum Both heads are equipped with a handle that enables panning. For maximum flexibility, am Video head VH-6 and also the bigger one Video head VH-9 the attached handles can not only be mounted on either side, but can also be lengthened for even more control. With a weight of 700 grams for the VH-6 and 930 grams for the VH-9, there is good basic stability even for larger camera-lens combinations. With a base diameter of 55 millimeters, the VH-6 impresses with a tilt angle of -50 to +90 degrees. The VH-9 has a tilt range of -65 to +90 degrees with a base diameter of 73 millimeters.

Whether it's a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch thread, the removable plate of the video heads is equipped for every situation and easily carries 10 kilograms or up to 12 kilograms with the larger video head. The attached safety locks ensure that the equipment is held securely. The VH-9 video head also has an RS2/RS3 fuse and both offer the option of attaching additional accessories with an additional 1/4 inch thread.


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Produktabbildung VH-6 VideokopfProduktabbildung VH-9 Videokopf von Rollei