Rollei LED Licht Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht
Rollei LED Licht Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht
Rollei LED Licht Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht
Rollei LED Licht Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht
Rollei LED Licht Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht
Rollei LED Licht Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht
Rollei LED Licht Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht
Rollei LED Licht Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht
Rollei LED Licht Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht
Rollei LED Licht Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht
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Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED permanent light

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Weeylite ninja 400 II - Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht mit Bowens S-Type-Bajonett von Viltrox

Compact and powerful with 150 watts - Weeylite ninja 400 II with Bowens S-Type bayonet

That Weeylite ninja 400 II is the most powerfulWeeylite ninja in our selection. With 150 watts it offers flexible application possibilities in professional photography or videography. Thanks to extensive accessories such as the control box, the 55 reflector, the remote control, the supplied carrying case and the optional dual power supply, you can Weeylite ninja 400 II Still easy to transport to the studio, home or on location and have everything you need on set with you.


Abschaltbare Lüftung für einen besonders leisen BetriebFarbtemperatur zwischen 2800 und 6800 Kelvin einstellbar


That LED permanent light offers a color temperature of 2,800 6,800 Kelvin, the output of which can be continuously adjusted from 0 100%. Thats Weeylite ninja 400 II With its CRI (Color Rendering Index) and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of over 95 each, it enables particularly natural color rendering for your photos and videos. In order to avoid annoying fan noises from the LED permanent lights the fan on the Weeylite ninja 400 II be switched off at an output of 0 50%..

You can also work with the built-in effects: That 150 watt ED permanent light has 13 different lighting effects that can be adjusted in terms of performance and speed. With an illuminance of 247,370 lux (measured with the 55 reflector included in the set at a distance of 0.5 meters at 5,500 Kelvin), the light output of the LED permanent light impressive! And thanks to the built-in COB-LED, that benefits Weeylite ninja 400 II like all other Weeylite ninjas with us from one long service life and a particularly homogeneous beam quality.

Homogene Strahlqualität dank flacher COB-LED Technik

You can make the settings either on the control box of the Weeylite ninja 400 II or via the included remote control, via DMX512 or the free Weeylite app, available for iOS or Android.

Einfache Bedienung des Weeylite ninja 400 II per App

Download App zur Nutzung des Weeylite Dauerlichts für iOS Geräte Download Weeylite App für Viltrox Dauerlichter für Android Geräte

That Weeylite ninja 400 II can either be operated in mains operation or via aseparately available V-mount battery (max. 14.8 volts). For battery operation, simply connect the V-mount battery to the control box included in the set and your photo or video shoot on location can start.


Akkubetrieb mit V-Mount Akku möglich


By the way: In order to be able to work with light shapers as flexibly as possible on the set, this was Weeylite ninja 400 II with a Bowen's S-Type bayonet fitted. For this we have theWeeylite VP-60 softbox included in our range. Or take a look at our otherSoftboxes with Bowens S-Type connection at.


Beim Weeylite ninja 400 II ist viel Zubehör im Lieferumfang enthaltenWeeylite VP-60 - passende Softbox für das ninja 400 II LED-Dauerlicht


  • Second generation of the Weeylite ninja 400 with extensive accessories
  • 150 watts strong
  • Bowen's S-Type bayonet
  • The flat design of the COB-LED offers homogeneous beam quality, high color rendering index (CRI) and a long service life
  • Color temperature of 2,800 6,800 K and 13 effectsn
  • Switchable fan for quiet operation (output from 0 50%))
  • Controllable via app, remote control, DMX512 or on the control box
Technical specifications

Weeylite ninja 400 II

Number of LEDs: COB LED
Power: 150 W
Color temperature: 2,800 - 6,800 K, 300 K, adjustable in 100 K stepsn
Color rendering index (CRI) Television Lighting Index (TLCI):: 95+| 95+
Power control: 0 - 100% in 1% steps
Illuminance: Without reflector: 30,490 lx (0.5 m at 5,500 K),
with reflector: 247,370 lx (0.5 m at 5,500 K)
Light effects: 13, output control 0 100% in 1% steps and speed in 3 stepsn
Bowens S-Type bayonet: Yes
Channels groups:: 6th| 19th
Remote control: Via RC-11 remote control, Weeylite app or DMX512
Bluetooth version:  5.0
Frequency band: 2.400 2.483 GHzz
Maximum emitted transmission power: Reception only - no transmission power
Received power: -93 dBm, 20 m
Battery operation: 1x V-mount battery (max.14.8 V) (optional)
Power supply: Power supply: Input: AC 100 240 V / 50/60 Hz; Output: DC 24 V / 8 A; 192 W battery operation possible with 1 V-mount battery (max. 14.8 V) (not included)n)
Connections: Bowens S-Type bayonet, spigot connector
Dimensions: 34.2 x 19.3 x 18.3 cm (without reflector, bracket, remote control)
Weight: 1.77 kg (without reflector, bracket, remote control)


55 reflectorr

Reflection angle: 55°
Bowens S-Type bayonet: Yes
Dimensions: 17.9 x 17.9 x 14 cm
Weight: / td & gt; 165 g


RC-11 remote control

Range (without obstacles): 30 meters
Channels groups:: 6 199
Operating temperatur: -10 - 50CC
Power supply: 2x AAA battery / rechargeable battery 1.5 V (not included)
Bluetooth version:  4.0
Frequency band: 2.400 2.483 GHzz
Max. Radiated transmission power: 10 dBm
Dimensions: 10.1 x 3.8 x 1.8 cm
Weight: 37 g (excluding batteries)


scope of delivery
  • 1x Weeylite ninja 400 II
  • 1x RX-11 remote control
  • 1x 55 reflectorr
  • 1x U-bracket
  • 1x control box
  • 1x power supply unit with cable (1 m)
  • 1x connection cable control box on light head
  • 1x tripod mount control box
  • 1x transport bag
  • 1x strap for transport bag
  • 1x instruction manual
  • 1x warranty card

Abbildung Lieferumfang Weeylite ninja 400 II von Viltrox

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