Camera sensor cleaning set
Camera sensor cleaning set
Rollei Equipment Sensorreinigung Set für Vollformatkameras
Camera sensor cleaning set
Rollei Equipment Sensorreinigung Set für Vollformatkameras
Camera sensor cleaning set
Camera sensor cleaning set

Camera sensor cleaning set


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The image sensors of high-quality professional SLR cameras are exposed to all weather conditions when the lens is changed; even within a very short time, dust and dirt particles can deposit on the sensor cells. If you frequently switch between locations with different temperatures, there is a risk that condensation spots will form on the image chip.


Complete set for dry and wet cleaning of the image sensor

Rollei offers a practical set for dry and wet cleaning so that you can thoroughly clean the sensor of your camera even when traveling or during a long nature shoot. In addition to a highly effective cleaning fluid, the scope of delivery includes 12 individually and vacuum-packed brushes that have been specially developed for full-format sensors, cameras with MFT sensors and APS-C sensors.

Precisely tailored to the size of full-frame sensors

Each sensor brush was packed completely dust-free, with a smooth swiping movement you can capture the entire surface of the image sensor. The cleaning liquid in the handy 15 ml bottle is used extremely sparingly to remove condensation stains, a maximum of one drop is sufficient for complete cleaning. You can refill the fluid at any time with the 30 ml cleaning fluid bottle; the sensor brushes are also available as a set of 10.

Note: Our sensor cleaning fluids have been tested on common sensor types full format, APS-C, MFT. Nevertheless, we recommend contacting your camera manufacturer before cleaning the sensor to confirm compatibility.n.
    • For full format cameras, cameras with APS-C sensor or MFT sensor
    • For professional wet or dry cleaning of the camera sensor
    • Sensor brush vacuum-packed and dust-free
    • Use a maximum of 1 drop of cleaning liquid on the sensor brush for wet cleaning
    • Streak-free cleaning thanks to the sensor brush for even distribution of the cleaning liquid
    Technical specifications
    Accessory type:
    Cleaning set
    For cleaning: Full frame sensors; MFT or APS-C
    scope of delivery
    • 12x sensor brushes
    • 1x sensor cleaning fluid 15 mll)
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