Magnetic Reflector for HS Freeze 1s & Portable Pro
Magnetic Reflector for HS Freeze 1s & Portable Pro
Magnetic Reflector for HS Freeze 1s & Portable Pro
Magnetic Reflector for HS Freeze 1s & Portable Pro
Magnetic Reflector for HS Freeze 1s & Portable Pro

Magnetic Reflector for HS Freeze 1s & Portable Pro

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Expected start of delivery:From the end of October

Magnetischer Reflektor für Rollei Aufsteckblitze

Magnetic reflector for Freeze 1s / Portable (Pro)

Make your photography unique with the Magnetic reflector for the Speedlight HS Freeze 1s, the HS Freeze Portable and the HS Freeze Portable Pro. This versatile accessory increases the potential of your HS Freeze device, brings out your creative vision and allows you to create the perfect light and shadow.

Universal Compatibility: Fits the HS Freeze 1s & the HS Freeze Portable/Pro

Our magnetic reflector is aware for a wide range of HS Freeze devices designed. Whether you have one freeze 1s, one FreezePortable* or one Freeze Portable Pro own this reflector fits perfectly. Add compatibility to your photographic arsenal without worrying about compatibility. This universally applicable reflector allows you to use the full potential of your equipment. For the FreezePortable however, you need the Adapter for HS Freeze Portable , which allows you to use accessories.

Distinctive Shadows: Creates harsh shadows for impressive effects

The artistic power of shadows should not be underestimated. With our magnetic reflector you can with your clip-on flash produce distinctive, hard shadows, which add an extra dimension to your images. Transform normal scenes into dramatic moments and give your pictures a distinctive look.

Magnetic attachment: Easy attachment thanks to magnets

With his magnetic attachment is the Attachment of the magnetic reflector as easy as never before. No complicated screws or clips just insert the Reflector on your HS Freeze clip-on flash unit and he's holding on. So you can concentrate on the most important thing: live out your creativity and take breathtaking photos.

Silver Coating: Enhanced light reflection for more dynamic, brighter-looking shots

Thanks to his silver-colored coating improved the magnetic reflector the light reflection and creates so more dynamic and brighter looking shots. This coating has been specially developed to optimally reflect the light and thus get the most out of your lighting. Lend yours Images more brilliance and depth with this unique feature.

Compact & light: Handy reflector with low weight

The Magnetic reflector for the Freeze 1s, the Freeze Portable and the Freeze Portable Pro is not only functional, but also extremely handy. His compact size and light weight make it the perfect companion for on the go. Whether in the studio or on location, you can easily transport and install it to enhance your images in any situation.

    Technical specifications
    Diameter dimensions (L x W x H):: 12.5cm 12.5x12.5x7cmm
    Color inside outside:: silver blackz
    diffuser: Yes
    Connection Bowens S-Type: No
    Compatibility: With HS Freeze 1s & HS Freeze Portable* / Pro
    Further equipment: Magnetic attachment
    Weight: 72.5g
    scope of delivery
    • 1x magnetic reflector
    • 1x diffuser