Rollei Licht LUMIS Compact RGB - LED-Licht
Rollei Licht LUMIS Compact RGB - LED-Licht
Rollei Licht LUMIS Compact RGB - LED-Licht
Rollei Licht LUMIS Compact RGB - LED-Licht
Rollei Licht LUMIS Compact RGB - LED-Licht
Rollei Licht LUMIS Compact RGB - LED-Licht
Rollei Licht LUMIS Compact RGB - LED-Licht
Rollei Licht LUMIS Compact RGB - LED-Licht
Rollei Licht LUMIS Compact RGB - LED-Licht
Rollei Licht LUMIS Compact RGB - LED-Licht
LUMIS Compact RGB - Small LED light
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LUMIS Compact RGB - Small LED light

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LUMIS Compact RGB - Kleines RGB LED-Licht für die Hosentasche


LUMIS Compact RGB - Small, portable LED video light

Compact LED light for Vlogger, photographer and content creator – the LUMIS Compact RGB from Rollei with 120 LEDs. This light as well compact light offers the greatest flexibility when taking photos and videos. This is possible thanks to its composition. 42 warm white LEDs, 42 cold white LEDs and 36 RGB LEDs always ensure the right lighting conditions.


Super-kompaktes und leichtes LED-Licht mit 20 Lichteffekten


A permanent LED light with numerous effects

If Photos or videos , for Vlogs, video posts, magazines and more - in RGB mode, 360 RGB colors can be set directly on the device. And in CCT mode, the color temperature is set on a scale from 2,500 to 9,000 Kelvin. So you have nuances from light cold white to cozy warm white to choose from. For even more individuality of your recordings, there is a choice of 20 effects such as police, thunderstorms, fireworks or lightbulbs in effect mode.


RGB-Modus mit 360 einstellbaren RGB-FarbenMit 3 Betriebsmodi: RGB-Modus, CCT-Modus und EffektmodusKleines kompaktes RGB LED-Licht mit 120 LEDs


All settings of the modes mentioned can be set very easily and conveniently with the intuitive user interface. The small rotating wheels on the side of the LED light ensure that the settings can be changed easily within seconds. This quickly adjusts the color mode and its saturation and brightness.


Intuitive Bedienung über Drehräder an der Seite der Leuchte


Extensive accessories

Look forward to special accessories! Goes with ours LUMIS Compact RGB get one from us Silicone diffuser with which you can draw the emitted light softer. There is also a USB-C cable as well as one Cold shoe adapter with a ¼ inch tripod screw. So it is possible this LED light to be attached directly to a camera.


Anwendungsbeispiel für das LUMIS Compact RGB LED-Licht
Anwendungsbeispiel und Ergebnisbild Rollei Lumis Compact RGB



Video about the product


  • Super compact luminaire with 120 LEDs
  • RGB mode, CCT mode (color temperature) and effect mode
  • Intuitive operation via rotary wheels
  • Infinitely adjustable brightness and saturation (0 100%))
  • RGB mode with 360 adjustable RGB colors
  • CCT mode with adjustable color temperature between 2,500 and 9,000 K.K
  • 20 effects, the brightness of which can be adjusted using the rotary knob
Technical specifications
Number of LEDs 120 (42 warm white, 42 cold white, 36 RGB LEDs)
Power LED: 5 W
Color temperature: 2,500 - 9,000 K
Color nuances: 360 RGB colors, adjustable saturation
Color rendering index (CRI): 95+
Power control: Infinitely adjustable, 0 - 100%
Illuminance: 390 lx (0.5 m at 5,500 K)
Light effects: 20th
Battery operation: Built-in lithium-ion battery (3.7 V 3,100 mAh 11.47 Wh)h)
Battery life: approx. 3 hours at 100% brightness, 4,500 K.
Power supply: DC 5 V / 1.35 A
Connections: ¼ thread, cold shoe adapter with ¼ screw, USB-C connectionss
Dimensions: 10.6 x 6.6 x 1.4 cm
Weight: 120 g
scope of delivery
  • 1x LUMIS Compact RGB LED light
  • 1x silicone diffuser
  • 1x cold shoe adapter with ¼ screwe
  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 1x instruction manual

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