Disposal and the environment

Disposal and the environment

We are a manufacturer or direct importer and we have met our obligation to notify the Federal Environment Agency.

Notes on electrical disposal (ElektroG)

Manufacturers and dealers are legally obliged to take back old devices free of charge and to dispose of or recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with specified standards. This applies to the relevant products with the following labeling.

Symbol für getrennte Entsorgung von Elektrogeräten

Symbol for separate collection of electrical and electronic equipment

Consumers are not allowed to dispose of old devices with this label in the household waste, but can dispose of them at the designated collection points within their community or at the public waste disposal authorities of the ÖRE, or at the retail outlet where the product was purchased. Consumers are responsible for deleting personal data on the old devices to be disposed of.

Old batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed by the old device must be separated from the device before it is handed over to a collection point. Please note our information on battery disposal.

We comply with our take-back obligation under the ElektroG. A partner takes over the disposal and recycling of old devices for us at the municipal collection points. You can send us the corresponding device for disposal. For this, please contact us at service@rollei.de or on 040/270750270 so that we can provide you with a return label. We work with UPS for this. Information about a UPS Access Point near you can be found here: https://www.ups.com/dropofflocde_DE

Notes on battery disposal (Battery Act – BattG)

The Battery Act regulates the placing on the market, the return and the environmentally friendly disposal of batteries and accumulators. The following note concerns the handling of goods by end users if these goods consist of batteries or if these goods contain batteries. In connection with the sale of batteries and goods containing batteries, we are obliged to inform you of the following:

Batteries may not be disposed with household waste. As the end user, you are legally obliged to return used batteries so that proper disposal can be guaranteed. You can hand in used batteries and accumulators at a communal collection point or in a local store. As a distributor of batteries, Rollei is obliged to take back used batteries free of charge, whereby our take-back obligation is limited to used batteries of the type that we offer and sell or have offered and sold as new batteries. You can send used batteries of the aforementioned type to us by post with sufficient postage or directly to the Rollei headquarters in Norderstedt RCP Handels-GmbH & Co. KG, In de Tarpen 42, 22848 Norderstedt free of charge.

The symbols shown on the batteries have the following meanings:

Batterie Entsorgung nicht im Hausmüll

Batteries / rechargeable batteries are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out garbage can. Batteries may not be disposed with household waste.

Kennzeichnung Quecksilber

Batteries that contain more than 0.0005 percent by mass of mercury, more than 0.002 percent by mass of cadmium or more than 0.004 percent by mass of lead are indicated under the garbage can as shown with the respective short form of the chemical designation Cd for cadmium, Pb for lead and Hg for mercury marked.eichnet.