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F:X Pro gray filter for 100 and 150mm filter holder

Our ND filters / grey filters are classics among the photo filters. Just like gradient filters, grey filters also consist of a colour-neutral, distortion- and reflection-free neutral grey tint. The only difference is that in ND filters this is even, instead of being transparent at the bottom. The tinting allows longer exposure times during the day or the open aperture in backlight or sunlight, as it reduces the amount of light reaching the image sensor.

Thus, depending on the ND strength, they enable various effects such as taking pictures of water surfaces with a velvety soft effect or filtering out people in front of buildings by means of long exposure times, which is ideal for architectural photography. There are many situations in which a grey filter can be used sensibly. For example, flowing movements that the human eye cannot perceive in an image in this way. With ND filters, you can extend the shutter speed to achieve certain effects. For example, to show flowing movements in a photo.

Grey filters are often combined with gradient filters to achieve even more exciting effects. Here too, our filter holder system with the corresponding ND and GND filters offers many advantages, as you can easily combine up to three different rectangular filters and flexibly change and adapt them to lighting conditions in seconds.