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Digital photo frames

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    1 product

    The digital picture frame - the modern way of presentation
    Only when a picture is printed and framed is it ready. With a digital picture frame, this saying no longer applies, because the practical and decorative object perfectly combines the advantages of the digital and the analog world. Wooden frames are expensive, dusty and just because you like a picture today doesn't mean you always want to marvel at the same work of art in your own four walls.

    A digital picture frame can be large, such as a 15-inch digital picture frame, or small, such as an 8-inch digital picture frame. The size depends on the one hand on the pictures you want to present and on the other hand, of course, on the location where the device should display the most beautiful holiday memories or wedding photos.

    Up to ten playback modes - for creative presentations

    The USB picture frame not only shows pictures razor sharp and with a nice contrast, but also leaves it up to you how the pictures should be shown. Up to ten individual presentation modes allow you to precisely define the type of cross-fading, i.e. the change to the next image. It is also possible to show several images at the same time. In this way, appealing digital collages can be created in no time at all.

    A 6 inch digital photo frame or a slightly larger 7 inch digital photo frame is perfect for close-up viewing. If you are wondering which size is the right one for the digital picture frame, you should know exactly where the device will be attached or set up. It can also be attached to the wall without any problems. If you decide to install it on the wall, a digital picture frame of 9 inches or more is best, as a certain distance is common in this type of presentation.

    Even videos are possible

    The modern version of the frame can not only show pictures digitally, but also play videos. It is also possible to add the appropriate music to the images shown. To do this, it is sufficient to store a corresponding file in mp3 format in the data. Your own picture shows, short videos and music - the digital picture frame is a true all-rounder, which is the perfect decorative object due to the many possibilities it offers.

    Additional practical functions

    You don't always want to see practical pictures. In this case, the calendar or clock function can be activated on the digital picture frame. So it is easy to keep track of the time.

    The presentation of images and videos is particularly individual thanks to the numerous options for precise adaptation. Not only can the contrast and brightness of the display be set precisely, it is also possible to change the saturation of the colors displayed. This may be necessary if the images presented come from different devices or if the presentation is to be adapted to the lighting in the room.

    - The picture frame is equipped with a practical stand, but it can also be easily attached to the wall.
    - Rich colors, clear contrasts and sufficient brightness even during the day
    - Available in many different sizes
    - Image and video playback in high definition
    - A built-in loudspeaker enables the playback of music or sound with videos
    - Energy-saving and elegant in its simple design