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Fotoliner Ocean Pro: The perfect companion for your photo trips!

Fotoliner Ocean Pro: Der perfekte Begleiter für Ihre Foto-Trips!

ours Photoliner Ocean Pro, the largest backpack of ours new series, we had it tested by someone who knows what such a backpack needs to bring. Professional photographer Sebastian Nagel from Kaiserslautern has his backpack off recycled plastic subjected to an extensive test and reported on his experiences for us in the blog.

What do you like most about the backpack??

The new Photoliner Ocean Pro von Rollei is through his compact shape, combined with lots of storage space, the perfect companion for my photo trips. Regardless of whether I want to take cameras, lenses, a notebook or a tripod with me. Everything finds its place in it. thanks to the integrated USB port the smartphone can be charged super conveniently via a power bank, which is extremely practical for my daily Instagram presence. I find the fact that the backpack is made of 49 0.5L PET bottles recycled has been.

Rollei Fotoliner Ocean Pro Rucksack

Which feature is guaranteed to be useful to you on your trips?

A wonderful and practical feature of the new photo liner Ocean Pro is of course that rain cape. On my outdoor portrait trips, as the name suggests, I am constantly out in nature. Should a rain shower suddenly set in, I'm well prepared and can mine equipment in no time at all protect from the wet.

how do you find the material?

The processing of the backpack is Very high quality and the material feels extremely robust at. As a photographer you do everything for the picture and then of course you bump into trees or rocks from time to time, crawl through the bushes or slide down a gravel road. He's got all of that Photoliner Ocean Pro just gone with ease. Of course, the backpack gives you a great feeling, because after all you have 49 recycled plastic bottles on your back and you do it just something good in nature.

Rollei Fotoliner Ocean Pro

What are you looking forward to with the backpack?

Most of all, I'm looking forward to going backpacking again. Above all, to fly it. My all equipment fits great in hand luggage and I never thought that so much storage space is even possible in such a compact design.

Rollei Fotoliner Ocean Pro


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