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Creative settings with the compact LUMIS permanent lights:A practical test

Kreative Settings mit den kompakten LUMIS-Dauerlichtern: Ein Praxistest

The lights of the LUMIS series are for the most diverse creative settings designed and show their strengths particularly in portrait photography on location. The actual possibilities and the variety of possible uses of the lights only become apparent in the future practical test.

For this reason we have the photographer Jannik Wagner LUMIS I-Light, the LUMIS Solo 2 as well as the LUMIS Glow stick light provided for a shoot. As an experienced photographer, Wagner knows exactly what to pay attention to during a strict test of the different lights carried out under real conditions.

Jannik has been using Wagner for his for a long time private and professional recordings the Lumen Sticks RGB and smaller pocket lights of ours lumen and LUMIS series, which are due to their portability as creative secret weapon always in the photographer's backpack.

For the launch of the LUMIS Solo 2, the LUMIS I-Light RGB and the LUMIS Glow, Jannik Wagner was able to create the lights in three different shoots take a closer look again. During the test, the young photographer chose three models and three different locations. Especially when selecting the locations, Jannick Wagner managed to put his personal touch into it Portrait shoot to bring in, because he has opted for so-called „Lost Places“ decided and thus combines two extremely popular photographic categories in which the Use of versatile artificial lights makes the difference.

Setting 1: Science fiction atmosphere in the command center

Jannik Wagner carried out the first shoot together with model Caro Franzreb in an old technical room of a retirement home near Neustadt. The large control unit that the two found there inspired the photographer to create one m creative shooting, which had a science fiction feel to it. But due to the cables hanging around, the place again had a worn look, which is what Lost Places are all about. The location and the available metallic surfaces offered a perfect place for the Use of different lights.

LUMIS-Dauerlichter im Praxistest

To get even more atmosphere out of it background To get it out, Jannik Wagner placed it LUMIS I-Light RGB about the ones in the housing integrated magnets „hidden on the top side of the control unit. He shone an orange light into the subject from above and created a light in the background attractive light for the current scene.

LUMIS-Dauerlichter im Praxistest

camera focal length ISO cover exposure Setting the lights
Sony A7R III 35mm 1000 f/1.6 1/160 sec.

LUMIS I-Light: Hue: 15, Sat.: 100%, Brightness: 85%% 

LUMIS Glow: 6,000 Kelvin, brightness: 40% 

In the first resulting image, the photographer also paid attention to the LUMIS Glow stick light used, which the model herself held in her hand. Through the selected color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin, the light created a kind of light on the model's face Neon effect. In addition, an interesting one also emerged reflection in the eye.

This also ensured the second result LUMIS I-Light RGB with the orange light for an interesting illumination of the background. However, in contrast to the LUMIS Glow, the photographer chose the small one here LED cube LUMIS Solo 2 back. There also this one integrated magnets the cube was quickly attached to one of the metal doors.

LUMIS-Dauerlichter im Praxistest

On the one hand, the light was hidden from the camera, but the angle and positions could also be changed at any time. This resulted from the additional inserted diffuser on the LUMIS Solo 2 a pleasant one soft light on the model's face.

LUMIS-Dauerlichter im Praxistest

camera focal length ISO cover exposure Setting the lights
Sony A7R III 35mm 1600 f/1.4 1/160 sec.

LUMIS I-Light: Hue: 15, Sat.: 100%, Brightness: 85%% 

LUMIS Solo 2: 5,500 Kelvin at medium brightness level 


Setting 2: Rebellious moments in the swimming pool at night

The lights next to the could also be used for the second setting variably adjustable options through the integrated magnets convince. Here too, Jannik Wagner didn't need any tripods other than metal surfaces, so he could creatively adjust the lighting at the next lost place in a matter of seconds if necessary.

This time the photographer and model Saskia Wagner went to an abandoned swimming pool. More specifically in the area of ​​the changing rooms and lockers. The model's outfit and make-up should create a rebellious look in advance. The goal should be to work together with the location youthful rebellious scene at night in the swimming pool.

LUMIS-Dauerlichter im Praxistest

In order to optimally illuminate the scene, both were used in this setting LUMIS I-Light RGB as well as that LUMIS Solo 2 for use. The handy one acted as the main light LED rod light with a Color temperature of 5,200 Kelvin and one Brightness of 85%. The LUMIS I-Light RGB was positioned facing away from the camera on one of the open locker doors.

The LUMIS Solo 2 was also attached to one of the doors as backlight. For the LED cube, Wagner used the highest brightness level and combined this with one of the blue colored foils supplied. This meant he could easily repeat the color of the lockers when it came to lighting. Wagner was also able to add volume and contour to the model's silhouette and hair.

LUMIS-Dauerlichter im Praxistest

camera focal length ISO cover exposure Setting the lights
Sony A7R III 35mm 1000 f/1.4 1/250 sec.

LUMIS I-Light: 5,200 Kelvin, brightness: 85% 

LUMIS Solo 2: 5,500 Kelvin at maximum brightness level 


Setting 3: Time for a film scene

Even in the last shooting they were able to LUMIS lights prove and transform the location into one through targeted settings mystical scene transform.

Together with model Sharmika Thanabalasingam, Jannik Wagner went back to the abandoned retirement home. During the first shoot, the photographer noticed the room with a broken television. Combined with that LUMIS I-Light RGB, which he had attached using the magnets inside the television housing, Wagner conjured up a unique and unique appearance cinematic look. This should invite the viewer of the images to linger and leave room for interpretation.

LUMIS-Dauerlichter im Praxistest

Due to the missing pane of the television, the light was in one interesting cone thrown on the floor and on the model's face. For the first three shots, Wagner went for an eye-catching one Red tone at the LUMIS I-Light RGB. He combined that LUMIS Glow RGB as ambient light in one white appearing color.

LUMIS-Dauerlichter im Praxistest

The photographer's goal was to create the space around the model, as well as the second television on the wall to give structure. In addition, the light also created the Casting shadows with the model that the photographer wanted. He then made the final adjustments directly on the camera.

LUMIS-Dauerlichter im Praxistest

The conclusion after the creative settings

The LUMIS I-Light RGB and the little one LED cube LUMIS Solo 2 were able to convince Jannik Wagner directly. Both those Handling the lights as well as that Accesories was the best choice in his eyes. Above all, he particularly liked them built-in magnets, which made it extremely easy and quick to place the lights on appropriate metallic surfaces.

LUMIS-Dauerlichter im Praxistest

"I would definitely like to see this feature in others too LUMIS permanent lights", said the photographer with a smile on his face. He also found the possibility of up to three exciting LUMIS I-Lights about the Magnet system each other could be combined. Unfortunately, he was not yet able to test these three sets.

At the LUMIS Glow RGB Jannik Wagner initially had slight difficulties at the start. Especially when attaching the handy rod light to tripods. "But despite the difficulties, I liked it compact lamp because of her light weight very good. "It made transport a lot easier," said Wagner. That also irritated him reversed operation, in contrast to the other two lights. But that wasn't a big problem once you got used to it.

Of course, we also take Jannik Wagner's feedback for them Further development of our products and we are pleased that Jannik Wagner has the lights emerging photo tours will take with you.

You have creative settings with ours LUMIS LED permanent lights implemented Then we would be very happy if you would join us Facebook or Instagram under #rolleicreate to mark.


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