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New video by Frank Fischer:This is the new variable ND filter being tested!

Neues Video von Frank Fischer: Das ist der neue variable ND-Filter im Test!

Professional photographer and photo trainer Frank Fischer begins his current video with the unboxing of our new one variable ND filter. The filter has a strength from ND 8 to ND 512 and all of this is combined in a single filter that can be toggled between strengths..

The filter is here together with a filter card supplied, with the help of which the exposure times of the individual filter strengths can be calculated.

Marking on the filter for pinpoint darkening

It is also helpful that the filter is marked with the strength you are currently at, so that you can always set the exact darkening you want.

But what do you actually use one for? variable ND filter? Frank Fischer also goes into detail about this question. He says: On the one hand, it's like this, sometimes you're with motifs, you have to work with one square filtersystem or even one screw filter experiment a lot with a fixed size and, above all, combine different strengths with each other to get the right exposure times. The variable filter helps, of course. It's great for all those who do gray filter photography from time to time and in between slight fuzziness of the subject and relative severe fuzziness want to vary.“

The filter is also ideal for this area!

Also, as Fischer explains, there is one Filter when filming super. Because it is the case that you usually film with a fixed shutter speed and aperture. And so it's cool when you come from the dark into the light that, instead of adjusting the aperture, you can use the Turn the filter from dark to light can turn, as he explains. So a great effect, synonymous for videographers..

Another advantage, as the photographer explains, is that the variable filters from Rollei does not produce any spots in the image in the upper and lower areas of the darkening, as is often the case with rather cheap variable filters. And in order not to be tempted to turn beyond these areas, there is a stop in the top and bottom area that prevents further turning.

Application examples welcome Here they come..

In his informative video, Frank Fischer also shows application examples of the respective strengths in the form of photos that he took at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg and at the Seeve in northern Lower Saxony. It's absolutely worth taking a look, we've linked the video..

Have fun with our fantastic variable ND – We are absolutely thrilled with this little gem.

Your Rollei team


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