Bildbeispiel Beauty-Fotografie

Beauty photography

Equipment for beauty photography

There are no limits to creativity in the field of beauty photography. We are showing a lot of equipment with which you can get even more out of the portrait photos.

Great effects with the ring light

The main reason why the ring light is so popular in beauty shots is that it conjures up great effects in the eyes. We offer a wide range of ring lights in various sizes and designs.

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Set accents with the rod light

With the LUMEN RGB Stick, great color accents can be set in the background or on the model. Thanks to the battery operation, the pen light can also be used mobile and absolutely flexible.

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Illumination with area lights

Whether flexible light mat or high-performance panel, our range of LED panel lights ensures the right lighting conditions for every fashion shoot. Above all, the different dimensions of the lights guarantee the greatest possible flexibility.

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Vorschaubild Blogbeitrag Vier kreative Foto-Setups

Blog post

Four simple photo setups creatively implemented!

In our blog post you can find out more about simple photo setups for exciting beauty portrait shots.

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Anwendungsbeispiel Lumen Pocket Bi-Color

Small and handy

Portrait with the Lumen Pocket

In our blog post, photographer Seb Nagel explains how he easily implemented this photo with the small, handy Lumen Pocket Bi-Color!

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For perfect illumination, you not only need the right continuous light. In order to optimally set up the light setup during the shoot according to your ideas, we also offer the required light stands.

Practical for the table

In contrast to the classic tripod, our two tabletop tripods are space-saving monopods. Compact, light and above all perfectly suitable for smaller and medium-sized permanent lights.

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Classic lamp tripods

Depending on the size, material and function, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our wide range of lamp tripods.

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Flexible with roles

The location of the light changes frequently during the shoot. Our rollable lamp tripod is the ideal companion for this..

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Themed world

Smartphone photography

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