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    12 products

    Rollei Rock Solid Mark II robust and reliable carbon tripods

    Whether ambitious hobby photographer or professional - everyone who likes to travel with the camera knows that a good tripod is an inevitably part of the equipment. For many people it is even the most important part of their photographic equipment after the camera. When positioning the camera correctly, when using a remote control, but at the latest when taking pictures at dusk or with long exposures, there is no way around the tripod.

    With the Rollei Rock Solid Mark II tripods you´ll get a carbon fibre camera tripod that you will want to have with you on every photo tour from now on. Regardless of the conditions, location and motif, a Rollei Rock Solid tripod will meet your high standards.

    Rock Solid: thought out down to the last detail

    Whether with spikes that are attached in the twinkling of an eye and ensure that your tripod stands even firmer, or with scales on the tripod legs for precise positioning - the Rollei Rock Solid Mark II tripods are thought through down to the last detail.

    At the bottom end of the centre column (Beta and Gamma) or the tripod head plate (Alpha) there is a hook on which you can easily weight the carbon fibre camera tripod with weights or your camera bag. For example, in very strong winds, the Carbon tripod and therefore your entire equipment will stand even more securely.

    The head mounting plates also feature 3/8" and 1/4" connections that can be changed simply by turning the screw - making Rock Solid carbon tripods compatible with many tripod heads.