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Stephan Wiesner tests the new 33 mm Viltrox lens

Stephan Wiesner testet das neue 33 mm Viltrox-Objektiv

professional photographer Stephen Wiesner presents the new one in a new video he published on YouTube Lens AF 33/1.4 E (APS-C) for Sony E mount.

He first goes into the particularly beautiful feel, because the lens is not just off strong and durable metal manufactured (including lens hood), but also has a Aperture ring for manual adjustment. Advantage of this ring It is a little stiffer, so it is not too easy to adjust if you accidentally touch it. Also, it doesn't make a clicking sound when rotated, which is very positive for videographers, for example..

Viltrox-Objektiv 33 mm

Wiesner also shows a screen shot in the video that he made to Auto focus speed to demonstrate. Wiesner explains that the lens also has a Eye Detection Focus features that just at headshot is particularly practical.

Then he explains very clearly using photos of a test chart Sharpness and vignetting of the respective f-stops.

Conclusion: Wiesner is very satisfied with the lens and considers it a good one „super flexible lens, with which one straight People Photography Can implement very well, but sometimes in the city ​​or countryside can take great photos. In addition, it offers a excellent value for money and feels particularly high quality with the metal processing.

You will receive the test charts from Stephan Wiesner's video here.


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