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Studio flash test:Stephan Wiesner tests the Rollei HS Freeze 6s

Stephan Wiesner Video Studioblitz-Test

Stephan Wiesner is a well-known and popular photographer from Lower Saxony who has many followers on social networks. The reason for this is, among other things, that the photography teacher's contributions are not only rock-solid, but also absolutely humorous. In his new post he has our new oneBattery Flash Freeze 6s tested.

Professional photographer Stephan Wiesner has again uploaded a new video to his popular YouTube channel. This time he takes the new oneRollei battery flash HS Freeze 6s under the magnifying glass.

The flagships ofFreeze Series (HS Freeze 6s and 4s) are now both protected against dust, spray water and sand*. Wiesner shows how useful this protection can be in practical application with various successful photos and videos, in which he also presents the viewer with the metadata.

Shooting Freeze6s Fitnessstudio

HSS explained using impressive examples

HS Freeze 6s and4s Of course, they also have high-speed sync (HSS) as well as TTL and freeze mode. Stephan Wiesner explains these points in detail (including a great photo he recently took in a riding arena) and also gives tips on how to use these important functions correctly.

Shooting HS Freeze Reiterhalle

He shows an impressive behind-the-scenes video of a mountain bike shoot that he made with the previous models.

Of course, in his video he also goes into the differences between the two flashes, for example weight and flash output. The 4s is lighter compared to the 6s. With a flash output of 400 watt seconds, the 4s weighs just 2.35 kilograms, the 6s weighs 3 kilograms with an output of 600 watt seconds.m.

Suitable for the new Freeze models: the professional radio transmitter Mark II

Wiesner not only presents the flash with bombastic pictures that he has taken, but also in his usual funny way.

The four is lighter, so if you want to work very high, lighter is better. But if you want more power, more power is better.

After presenting the photos he took with the new flash head, Stephan Wiesner also uses the new oneProfessional radio transmitter Mark II a. Like the flashes, the transmitter is protected against water spray, sand and dust and can be used with cameras from Sony (with the adapter supplied), Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic or even Olympus. One for all.

Funksender Mark II mit Rollei Freeze

The recycling time is extremely low. And that's good..

I can switch through the flash and switch to Sony or Nikon. This is very useful when, as in my case, you have different cameras or when you are doing workshops and the participants come with different cameras. Then I just have to switch, depending on which camera he's on.

Towards the end of the video, professional photographer Wiesner also goes into the particularly short recycle time of 0.9 seconds at full flash output, which the flashes have. He explains the importance of the flash head recharging quickly between shots and being able to fire again immediately.

Stephan Wiesner Video Studioblitz-Test

For example, in fashion photography, in which the model takes on a new pose in quick succession and with each new flash.

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