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Rollei Go!



Not only does the new Rollei Gimbal GO! ensure that you can transform wobbly shots into smooth 360° pans with your smartphone – it also charges your smartphone, creates time-lapse, dolly zoom and even slow motion shots. The Rollei GO! also comes in a sturdy, stylish carrying case. That’s really all you need to take stunning photos and videos on the go…


RECORDING with Rollei Go!

Capture instantly what you experience: Use the inception mode to film spectacular 360° rotations on the roll axis, take fully stabilised time-lapse videos to compress longer activities or create razor-sharp and smooth slow motion at your maximum smartphone’s resolution. In addition, Rollei GO! offers you the dramatic Dolly Zoom – also known as the Vertigo Effect – which is especially popular in Hollywood.



Robust carrying bag

The shape-retaining and padded carrying bag protects your Rollei GO! from shocks, wind and weather.

Rollei Go! Gimbal

Insert your smartphone, adjust with the adjusting screw, switch on Gimbal GO! and start right away

USB Charging Cable & Tripod

With the Micro USB charging cable you can charge the Gimbal GO! directly to your computer, via commercially available power supplies or power banks, the practical mini tripod ensures a safe stand for stationary recordings. 


Your new Rollei GO! offers features and modes that allow you to be creative when shooting stunning photos and videos, both in motion and still.

Wireless charging

It is the most convenient way to charge your smartphone – suitable mobile phones are charged wirelessly and safely via the induction surface from the integrated 2200 mAh battery. 

12 hours battery life

With an impressive battery life of up to 12 hours, the Rollei Go! lasts longer than many smartphones in record mode, or passes its 2200 mAh to your mobile phone or any other USB-enabled device.


With the Rollei GO! App you can record in two different time-lapse modes: In addition to the classic timelapse with fixed recording perspective, Motion Timelapse lets you capture impressive and smooth time-lapse pans.

Portrait Mode

Are you taking videos or photos for your Instagram or Snapchat account? No problem, the Rollei GO! also records in the popular portrait mode for social media. 

Intelligent control

Control the image design of your videos easily – the ergonomic zoom wheel allows you intuitive and fast zooming in or out directly on the gimbal.

Inception Mode

Use the Inception mode to make spectacular and smooth 360° rotations on the roll axis to make your videos look adventurous.



Before you start, you should load the Rollei GO! completely and calibrate it with your smartphone – for more important information, check out this short video:

Rollei GO! App

To be able to use all functions of your new Rollei GO!, just download the Rollei GO! app for free which is available for iOS or Android.


You don’t want to wait any longer?

Get the Rollei GO! Smartphone Gimbal directly in the Rollei Online Shop

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