Rollei  ZEISS Brillen-Reinigungstuecher
Rollei  ZEISS Brillen-Reinigungstuecher
Rollei  ZEISS Brillen-Reinigungstuecher

ZEISS glasses cleaning wipes

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Brillen-Reinigungstücher von ZEISS

Overview glasses cleaning wipes:

  • Alcohol-free recipe
  • Thorough and gentle cleaning of spectacle lenses and optical surfaces
  • Does not attack glasses or their coating
  • Not suitable for contact lenses
  • Suitable for all lenses, including plastic and optical surfaces, e.g. LC displays, smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, cell phones,

Formula for gentle & amp; thorough cleaning of your glasses

The damp, microfine cellulose cloth for cleaning eyeglass lenses is quick to hand and effective. The Wet wipes have a particularly fine structure, the Spectacle lenses and even high-quality coatings are extremely gentle cleans.

  • They are individually packed
  • Suitable for all lenses, including plastic lensesr)
  • Not suitable for cleaning contact lenses

Die ZEISS Brillen-Reinigungstücher: Streifenfrei, Schonend und schnell trocknend

The ZEISS glasses cleaning wipes

The new, alcohol-free ZEISS glasses cleaning wipes are the professional solution for a thorough and gentle cleaning of eyeglass lenses and optical surfaces. Suitable for everyone Spectacle lenses (also plastic / especially high quality, coated and sensitive, as well as optical surfaces. Not suitable for contact lenses. The high-quality, micro-fine cellulose cloth and the new combination of active ingredients were tested by Colts, a leading, independent test laboratory in the USA. The results show:en: ZEISS glasses cleaning wipes neither attack glasses nor their coating. The new, alcohol-free ZEISS glasses cleaning cloth cleans thoroughly and streak-free.

Instructions for use

  1. With the still folded, damp cleaning cloth gently wipe over the glasses and remove coarse dirt
  2. Above all, wipe under the nose pad and also pick up the dirt on the edge of the frame
  3. Unfold the cloth and clean the glasses thoroughly
  4. May cause an allergic skin reaction. Keep out of the reach of children

Tips for cleaning glasses

Give your glasses a home! One Hard case is the best place for this when the glasses are not on your nose. Without a case, the following always applies: Put it in a safe place with the Glass side up.

Die ZEISS Brillen-Reinigungstücher reinigen Brillengläser außerordentlich schonend

More about the ZEISS brand

The company history of ZEISS is full of interesting facts about Carl Zeiss and its subsidiaries in Germany. Famous scientists have won awards and Nobel Prizes while working with the products. The headquarters of Zeiss AG is located in Oberkochen Baden-Württemberg.).

The Lens portfolio from ZEISS offers a range of different product solutions. Whatever vision problems the customer may be faced with, they can rely on finding the right product for their needs in the ZEISS portfolio..
Clear view in seconds. ZEISS glasses cleaning solutions gently and conveniently remove dirt, dust or grease from your glasses and prevent annoying fogging. Your Spectacle lenses stay clean longer, at the same time the coating becomes gentle treated. This guarantees perfect vision and increases the life of your glasses.

Data & amp; scope of delivery

Ingredients / Ingredients:
Scope of delivery: 1 x box with 200 pieces of glasses cleaning wipes from ZEISS
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