Soluna 500 Pro - LED permanent light
Soluna 500 Pro - LED permanent light
Soluna 500 Pro - LED permanent light
Soluna 500 Pro - LED permanent light
Soluna 500 Pro - LED permanent light
Soluna 500 Pro - LED permanent light
Soluna 500 Pro - LED permanent light
Soluna 500 Pro - LED permanent light

Soluna 500 Pro - LED permanent light


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Soluna 500 Pro - LED Dauerlicht mit 500 Watt Leistung von Rollei


Soluna 500 Pro - LED permanent light with 500 watts

Our Continuous light Soluna 500 Pro is with 500 watts the big brother of theSoluna 300 Pro and offers a daylight-like Color temperature of 5500 K and five different lighting effects, each with ten frequencies, which are absolutely ideal for Video recordings . The color rendering index CRI of light is over 97. The TLCI Television Lighting Consistency Index, a key figure for evaluating light quality, is over 98..


Das Soluna 500 Pro besteht aus Lichtkopf und Kontrollbox

But the illuminance of the device is also remarkable. The Soluna 500 Pro has a reflector and comes to 357,000 lux at 0.5 meters. Light setups can be divided into 32 channels and 16 groups, which makes it easier to prepare for shoots. In addition, the devices are compatible with theRemote control Soluna Remote Control operable and also have a DMX-512 control.


Einfache Handhabung des Soluna 500 Pro per App5 Lichteffekte mit je 10 Frequenzen und Tageslichtähnlicher Farbtemperatur mit 5500 K

The Soluna 500 Pro is made as a set Light head and control box sold with practical accessories. The special thing about it: the light head can be operated from the control box. For example, users can use the light on the Mount the ceiling and operate it from the floor not only at the control box, but even via the Rollei Studio app.n.


Soluna 500 Pro - perfekt geeignet zur Deckenmontage dank U-HalterungMaximale Kompatibilität des Soluna 500 Pro LED-Dauerlichts durch Bowens S-Type-Anschluss

It can be sent by power adapter and also by battery pack be supplied with power, whereby the batteries are not included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to a large selection of light shapers Bowens S-Type bayonet usable, which promises maximum compatibility.

Stromversorgung des Soluna 500 Pro LED Dauerlichts von Netz oder AkkuPhotometrische Daten Soluna 500 Pro: 0,5m > 357.600 lx | 1m > 61.080 lx | 1,5m > 25.000 lx (gemessen bei 5500 K)

Produktseite V-Mount Akku für Soluna 500 Pro Dauerlicht


Product video for the Soluna 300 & 500 Pro

  • With Bowens S-Type bayonet
  • 500 W power continuously adjustable
  • 5500 K color temperature similar to daylight
  • 5 different light effects with 10 frequencies each
  • App operation
  • The fan can be switched off at a maximum output of 300%)
  • The device consists of the light head and the control box
  • Dual power supply, mains or battery possible. Batteries not included in deliveryen)
  • over 74,000 lx illuminance at 0.5 m without reflector
  • 32 channels, 16 groups, compatible with Soluna Remote Control
Technical specifications
Power: 500 watts
Energy efficiency class: Energie A+
Spectrum: A -D -D
Power control: 0 100, in 1 stepsten
Color temperature: 5500 K 200 KK
Color rendering index CRI:): & gt; 97
Television Lighting Consistency Index TLCI:): & gt; 98
Illuminance: 74,000 lx 0.5 m, without reflectorr)
20,100 lx 1 m, without reflectorr)
Channels: 32 channels 00 3131)
Groups: 16 groups A J / L / O / P / Q / S / U U)
Light effects: TV Flickering lightbulb Fireworks Thunderstorm mode Flashing mode - each has a frequency of 1 - 10- 10
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Frequency band: 2.402 - 2.480 GHz
Max. Radiated transmission power: 6 dBm
Bowens S-type bayonet: Yes
Battery operation: Battery operation1 or 2 V-mount batteries
possible on control box not includedn

Note: The Soluna 500 Pro can do half the power with one and full power with twoV-mount batteries reach 26 V / 8.5 A, 28.8 V / 29.6 V / 7.5 A. If you use batteries with 14.4 V, you need two, as operation with one will not work.t.
Battery life: 1 V-mount battery: max. 150 W 26 V, 290 Wh::
100 power: 65 minn
50 power: 130 minn
10 power: 650 minn

2 V-Mount batteries: max. 500 W 26 V, 290 Wh::
100 power: 56 minn
50 power: 112 minn
10 power: 560 minn

2 V-Mount batteries: max. 500 W 26 V, 260 Wh::
100 power: 50 minn
Power supply: Input light head: 105 V DC max. 5 A 525 W. W
Input control box: 100 240 V AC 50/60 Hz max. 4.8 A 530 W.30 W
Input: 21.6 - 33.6 V DC max. 10 A 500 W. W
Output: 105 V DC max. 5 A 530 W. W
Remote control: Integrated 2.4GHz range & gt; 100 m m
Compatible remote control: Remote control for Soluna LED permanent lights
Bluetooth function: App operation "Rollei Studio", range & gt; 15 m
Further equipment: Control box with LC display
Light head with umbrella holder, tripod attachment, carrying handle, U-bracketung
Fan volume fan: & lt; 35 dB, can be switched off with a maximum output of 30 %)
Beam angle 1200°
DMX 512 control
Control box bracket compatible with light stands with a central column diameter of 30 40 mmm
Dimensions: Light head: 28 x 19 x 20 cm
Control box: 11.5 x 14.5 x 31.5 cm
Control box power cord: 4.20 m
Cable control box light head: 3 mm
Light head: 3.5 kg
Control box: 3.4 kg
scope of delivery
  • 1x Soluna 500 Pro light head
  • 1x Soluna 500 Pro control box
  • 1x Soluna standard reflector 70°
  • 1x light stand holder for the control box
  • 1x protective cap
  • 1x power cord control box - sockete)
  • 1x cable light head - control boxx)
  • 1x carrying bag
If you are looking for firmware, operating instructions, data sheets or declarations of conformity, please visit our download center
Depending on which tariff you choose in the checkout, we deliver within 1-3 working days . You can find more informationhere. You can get most of the items within 14 days return for free..


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