Rollei Equipment Lensball  60 mm Vollglaskugel
Rollei Equipment Lensball  60 mm Vollglaskugel
Rollei Equipment Lensball  60 mm Vollglaskugel
Rollei Equipment Lensball  60 mm Vollglaskugel
Rollei 22668

Lens ball - 60 mm full glass ball

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Glass ball for smartphone photography

Glass balls for photography, too Lens ball called, are streak-free full glass spheres of the highest quality, without air pockets and bubbles . They reflect their surroundings as mirror-inverted , sharp and crystal clear 180-degree view in a sphere that can be picked up directly from the palm of your hand or positioned at a fixed point. These 60mm glass ball is primarily intended for smartphone photography , also with one Mini tripod or Table tripod .

The clear and transparent photo glass ball is easy to use, but also meets the requirements of professional photographers. With a Weight of 263 g they can be conveniently stowed in any bag or backpack and taken with you on a photo tour through the landscape, or with you when traveling. Regardless of whether Landscape photography, city trips or architecture shotsWith the 60mm glass ball you can create uniquely surreal images from unique perspectives. And that without much effort.

For safe protection and optimal cleaning before the shoot is also included in the scope of delivery :

  • A storage bag
  • A microfiber cloth

In addition to photography with smartphones, there are our glass balls also suitable for working with all DSLM and DSLRs (mirrorless cameras or single lens reflex cameras..

Manufacturing & quality control of the 60mm full glass sphere

Photography with a glass ball benefits above all from the effect that it captures the surroundings mirror-inverted as a 180-degree view in the smallest of spaces. The 60 mm full glass ball is particularly suitable for taking photos with smartphones. It is also possible with a Camera lensv (ideal: 2.8 / focal length 24 mm - 35 mm To focus the subject in the glass sphere and to work with a shallow depth of field, but still let the background flow artistically into the picture.

For all of this to be possible, it has to be Glass of the highest quality and without inclusions are manufactured. Our special ones take care of that Quality controls and the transparent manufacturing process , in which the balls are checked several times during production for material defects, inclusions and cracks.

The glass is first melted into a long rectangle. The high temperatures make the glass soft and easy to shape . Then individual cuboids are cut out of this glass rectangle. Due to the previous melting process, these cuboids are still easy to shape and are now placed in a hydraulic press and thus brought into their round shape. Now it's on Cooling down to room temperature of approx. 20 degrees Celsius . In order to avoid imperfections such as surface irregularities and bubbles, the glass spheres are cooled down very slowly and temporarily stored. After cooling down takes place the first check of the raw material for cracks and inclusions . All full glass spheres that are of perfect quality now go to the Grinding and polishing , until they get their absolutely flawless and round shape to have. Then the next check for air inclusions and other defects . If a defect is noticed here, the glass ball is sorted out. Now the final fine-tuning with a High speed polishing machine . After a certain time, the balls are now completely transparent and have a perfect surface quality. The final quality control now follows to the perfect end result of every glass ball . This is the only way to ensure that the glass ball does not later negatively affect the refraction of light, or that inclusions and scratches appear as disruptive elements in your mirrored motif.

  • Clear and transparent full glass ball
  • New perspective for landscape photography, architectural photography, street photography, and much more
  • Ideal for clear, sharp reflections
  • Particularly suitable for taking photos with smartphones
  • Without air pockets or bubbles and free of streaks
  • Incl. Microfiber cloth for easy cleaning of the glass ball
  • Incl. Padded storage bag for protection
Technical specifications
Accessory type:
Full glass sphere
Diameter: 60 mm
Suitable for:
Smartphone photography
Material: Glass
Weight: 263 g
scope of delivery
  • Lens ball
  • Storage bag
  • Cleaning cloth


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