Easy Traveler Awaken your creativity!

We are very pleased that you are interested in working with us and our new tripod series.

On this page you will find all important information at a glance.

Discover our brand new photo and video tripods in red or gray that will take your creativity to a new level! With a 160 cm photo tripod and its XL version of 166 cm at maximum working height, you have all the options to conjure up breathtaking pictures.

But that's not all! Our video tripods are also new. There is a 164 cm model and an XL version with an impressive 171 cm maximum working height.

More key facts about our innovations at a glance:

Photo tripods:

- Working height of 160 or 166 cm

- Weight of 1.14 or 1.34 kg

- Max. load of 5kg or 10 kg

- Incl. new ball head system

Video tripods:

- Working height of 164 or 171 cm

- Weight of 1.36 or 1.63 kg

- Max. load 4.5 or 6 kg

- Incl. fluid video head

You will receive our tripod innovation before everyone else and thus have the chance to present the innovation to your community on your preferred platform (such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.) at launch.

And that's not all! A voucher code for your community is also included. You can keep the tested tripod worth up to 299.99 euros and have the opportunity to support us with your ideas for product improvements. We value every feedback to further develop our products.

Very easily! If you are interested then enter your details on our registration page. If everything fits, we will contact you and clarify together what content you would like to create. For example, are you more of the type for a cool, exciting portrait format short video? Very cool! Or do you prefer to take impressive pictures with a tripod Sounds exciting too! Then all you have to do is agree to our cooperation agreements and we will send the tripod directly to the address you specified. e. 

The tripod is there Then you can get started right away and you have 4 weeks to put it through its paces, create content and plan your post for the launch. You send your content to us via a special upload link. Our team then reviews the content and provides feedback if necessary.  

After the launch of the Easy Traveler series, our collaboration may have come to an end, but who knows what's to come. We reserve the right to take back the tripod at our expense if you do not like it. We would also like to ask you not to resell your tripod in the first 12 weeks.  

Are you ready to become part of this exciting partnership and unleash your creativity? Then apply now and let's inspire the world of photography and videography together!