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RolleiLion Rock tripod head 20
price offer249,00 €
RolleiTripod head Lion Rock 25
price offer299,00 €
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbalkopf MRollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbalkopf M
RolleiLion Rock Gimbal Head M
price offer349,00 € Regular price399,00 €
Rollei Stative Lion Rock GimbalkopfRollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbalkopf
RolleiLion Rock Gimbal Head L
price offer449,00 € Regular price499,00 €


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Rollei Lion Rock tripod heads made of aluminium and other accessories

The enormous load capacity and stability of the Rollei Lion Rock tripods can be exploited to the full with the new Rollei Lion Rock tripod heads. Completely made of high-quality aluminium and equipped with 4 separate spirit levels, the Arca-Swiss-compatible panorama ball heads take on a supporting role even under the most adverse conditions and align heavy combinations of housing, lens, filter holder, filters and other equipment precisely and vibration-free to the selected motif. The locking of the ball head can also be operated easily with thick gloves, for example in winter, and even in cramped rooms and poor lighting, you always have a level indicator in your field of vision.