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C5i - aluminum tripodC5i - aluminum tripod
RolleiC5i - aluminum tripod
price offer89,00 € Regular price149,99 €
C6i - aluminum tripodC6i - aluminum tripod
RolleiC6i - aluminum tripod
price offer99,00 € Regular price199,99 €
Compact Traveler No. 1 - aluminum tripodCompact Traveler No. 1 - aluminum tripod
RolleiCompact Traveler No. 1 - aluminum tripod
price offer79,00 € Regular price159,99 €
Compact Traveler No. 1 - carbon tripodCompact Traveler No. 1 - carbon tripod
RolleiCompact Traveler No. 1 - carbon tripod
price offer99,00 € Regular price259,98 €
Smartphone tripod TravelerRollei Stative Smartphone Stativ Traveler
RolleiSmartphone tripod Traveler
price offer19,99 € Regular price49,99 €
Compact Traveler Star S1 incl. Smartphone holder IIRollei Stative Compact Traveler Star S1 inkl. Smartphone Halterung II
RolleiCompact Traveler Star S1 incl. Smartphone holder II
price offer15,00 € Regular price69,97 €
Compact Traveler Star S2 tripod incl. Smartphone holder IIRollei Stative Compact Traveler Star S2 Stativ inkl. Smartphone Halterung II
RolleiCompact Traveler Star S2 tripod incl. Smartphone holder II
price offer29,99 € Regular price89,97 €
Rollei Stativ Comfort Max 2 - Live-Streaming-StativRollei Stativ Comfort Max 2 - Live-Streaming-Stativ
RolleiComfort Max 2 - Live Streaming Tripod
price offer29,99 € Regular price49,99 €
Compact Traveler Mini M-1 tripod blackCompact Traveler Mini M-1 tripod black
RolleiCompact Traveler Mini M-1 tripod black
price offer59,99 € Regular price79,99 €
Flexible Tripod - Monkey Pod 3Flexible Tripod - Monkey Pod 3
RolleiFlexible Tripod - Monkey Pod 3
price offer29,99 € Regular price49,99 €
Flexible tripod - Monkey Pod 2Flexible tripod - Monkey Pod 2
RolleiFlexible tripod - Monkey Pod 2
price offer18,00 € Regular price39,99 €
Rollei Stative Monkey Pod - Flexibles StativRollei Stative Monkey Pod - Flexibles Stativ
RolleiMonkey Pod - Flexible tripod
price offer9,99 € Regular price19,99 €
price offer29,99 € Regular price49,99 €
price offer29,99 €
Creator Grip - Mini TripodCreator Grip - Mini Tripod
RolleiCreator Grip - Mini Tripod
price offer29,99 € Regular price49,99 €
Comfort Vlogging KitRollei Equipment Comfort Vlogging Kit
RolleiComfort Vlogging Kit
price offer6,00 € Regular price39,99 €
Available Soon
Rollei Stative Comfort Desktop - Ministativ mit KugelkopfRollei Stative Comfort Desktop - Ministativ mit Kugelkopf
RolleiComfort desktop - mini tripod with ball head
price offer9,99 € Regular price24,98 €
Rollei Stativ Comfort Table Stand - Smartphone-MinistativRollei Stativ Comfort Table Stand - Smartphone-Ministativ
RolleiComfort Table Stand - smartphone mini tripod
price offer5,00 € Regular price9,99 €


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Cheap tripods - reach the next photographic level

Modern digital cameras today achieve astronomical ISO values. This means that due to the high light sensitivity of the built-in sensors, it is possible to take photos under almost any conceivable light situation. Despite the technical advances in the camera market, which mean that even fast-moving scenes can be easily captured by hand, the tripod is still one of the most important pieces of equipment for photographers and filmmakers.

Even inexpensive tripods today rely on the most modern materials and innovative constructions. So it is possible to get a stable and at the same time light and transportable tripod for little money. Depending on the type of use and the type of camera used, inexpensive tripods nowadays differ in their maximum working height and in their load capacity. An inexpensive tripod for a DSLR, i.e. a digital single-lens reflex camera, is designed in such a way that it can also be used with heavy telephoto lenses without any problems.

More thoughtful image capture and creative freedom

The areas of application of a good tripod are practically unlimited. Inexpensive carbon tripods are often used in travel and landscape photography. The manufacture of carbon guarantees the lowest possible weight, so that a corresponding tripod can be easily transported with a backpack. Good and inexpensive tripods are the best help to create accurate picture compositions. If you often take photos by hand, you will be annoyed afterwards when you examine the photograph more closely that parts of the picture are out of focus or that the horizon is crooked.

A tripod is cheap in landscape photography if you want to work with small apertures, long shutter speeds and the lowest possible ISO value. But it is also practical in architectural photography and even portraits are much better with it than hand-held. One of the reasons for this is that the tripod slows down the process and gives the photographer more time to think about the scene, the expression and the light.

Versatile and always reliable

Good inexpensive tripods are particularly versatile because of their adaptability. Photographers either use an inexpensive tripod with a ball head or attach their own tripod head in just a few simple steps. In addition to the ball head, there are gear heads or fluid heads, which filmmakers especially like to use. This means that you can take photos or film with practically any type of camera on the tripod.

Another great advantage of a modern camera tripod with a favorable price-performance ratio is the low maintenance required. Thanks to the well thought-out construction, you can always rely on the tripod and should it still be damaged, you can usually repair it yourself. It is not for nothing that many experienced photographers count the tripod as one of the most important items in their own equipment.

Ideal for long-term recordings

If the exposure lasts longer than 1/125 of a second, with most combinations of camera and lens it will be difficult to take a razor-sharp and blur-free picture by hand. With even longer exposure times or with deliberate long-term exposures, e.g. of start trails, it does not work without a tripod. The tripod also plays a decisive role when filming, because it prevents jerks and wobbles and guarantees a calm and professional picture in which the composition is always right. Thanks to the tripod, even camera pans can also be achieved.

- robust and surprisingly light at the same time
- small and handy pack size
- quickly assembled and dismantled
- indispensable for long-term recordings
- Can be combined with a variety of tripod heads
- cheaper purchase price