Rollei Licht HS Freeze 2s - Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 2s - Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 2s - Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 2s - Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 2s - Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 2s - Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei 28136

HS Freeze 2s - studio flash with battery

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HS Freeze 2s - Studioblitz mit Akku von Rollei

Compact and small studio flash HS Freeze 2s

There is a new member in our Freeze family called HS Freeze 2s that we are very proud of. We particularly value it compactness placed.

With his only 785 grams is the new one HS Freeze 2s studio flash now particularly light, which simplifies transport to shooting locations. But don't just be light weight is a positive feature of the Lightning but also its performance of 200 watt seconds which is adjustable in nine f-stops. It also includes various flash modes (M, TTL) and synchronization modes (normal, HSS, synchronization to 1st / 2nd shutter curtain, freeze).

Sehr kompaktes Blitzgerät für den Outdoor-Bereich


Our new one mobile studio flash It also convinces with TTL, HSS and Freeze and is aimed primarily at professional photographers who want to take high-quality recordings on location or in the studio, but also at content creators and anyone who needs light similar to daylight. Of the lightning has a light temperature of 5,500 Kelvin (M, TTL).
Note: TTL and HSS modes cannot be used together.

Of the HS Freeze 2s comes with a burn-off time of up to 1 / 20,000 seconds in freeze mode and a recycling time of a maximum of 1.3 seconds. It also has a sync connection, EasyCap and Delay as well as the option of installing a firmware upgrade.


200 Ws Leistung in 9 Blendenstufen - HS Freeze 2s von RolleiStudioblitz mit verschiedenen Blitzmodi


Its 32 channels can be divided into 16 groups so that preset lighting setups will not pose a problem for you. The also has a modeling light with 5 watts mobile flash that can be accessed using a integrated radio receiver can be triggered and via a Range of 100 meters disposes. It can be triggered, among other things, with theProfessional radio transmitter Mark II from Rollei. But it is also characterized by its wide range of camera compatibility. These include, for example, the camera manufacturers Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic or Olympus .

It does have a Bowens connectionnot, however, you can purchase an adapter separately from us with which you can use numerous light shapers. The scope of delivery also includes a matching reflector, whereby an octabox can also be purchased to match.


Leichter Studioblitz mit nur 785 g Gewicht (ohne Akku)Abnehmbare Stativhalterung


Our new one gets electricity lightning either through his Lithium-ion battery – which enables more than 450 releases or through the separately available power adapter .

There is also a wide range of accessories for the HS Freeze 2s available. This includes about oneBowens adapter, oneUmbrella octabox with grid and a diameter of 60 centimeters, but also aconical spot attachment as well as aSoftball, a separatebattery pack, apower adapter or oneFlash tube.


Reflektor und weiteres Zubehör sind im Lieferumfang enthaltenErhältliches Zubehör für den HS Freeze 2s von Rollei

Comparison of our HS Freeze studio flash series


Vergleich der HS Freeze Studioblitz-Serie von Rollei


Gewicht der verschiedenen Studioblitze von Rollei im Verlgeich


Product video for the HS Freeze 2s

  • Compact and lightweight studio flash
  • Battery operation with lithium-ion battery
  • Different flash modes and synchronization modes
  • 200 Ws power in 9 f-stops
  • Burning time up to 1 / 20,000 s in freeze mode
  • 32 channels and 16 groups
  • Color temperature of 5,500 K (M, TTL), approx. 5,200 K, variable up to 9,000 K (Freeze / HSS mode)
  • LED modeling light with 5 W and approx. 5,000 K.
  • Integrated radio receiver with a range of over 100 m
  • Compatible with Rollei professional radio transmitter Mark II and various cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus)
Technical specifications
Performance / guide number:
200 Ws, F 32.2 (1 m, HS Freeze 2s reflector, ISO 100, t = 1/125 s)
Energy efficiency class
(EU 2017/1369):
EU energy efficiency class spectrum (EU 2017/1369): A - G
Flash modes: M, TTL (TTL and HSS mode cannot be used together)
Synchronization modes: normal
HSS(TTL and HSS mode cannot be used together)
Synchronization to 1st / 2nd shutter curtain
Power regulation: M / HSS: 1.0 9.0 (1/256 1/1) TTL: 3.0 EV0 EV
Burning time (t = 0.5 s): Normal: 1/800 1/8000 s Freeze: 1/800 1 / 20,000 s0 s
Recycling time: 0.05 1.3 ss
channels: 32 (00 31))
groups: 16 (A J / L / O / P / Q / S / U))
Color temperature: M / TTL: 5,500 K 150 K Freeze / HSS: 5,200 K (cannn
vary up to 9,000 K)
Modeling light:  5 W LED (5,000 K 300 K))
Radio receiver: Integrated, 2.4 GHz, range & gt; 100 m
Bowens S-type bayonet:  No, adapter available separately (here: Rollei adapter)
Battery operation: 
Lithium-ion battery 14.4 V, 10 A / 37 Wh / 2,600 mAh
Input 1.3A max, 16.8V & gt; 450 releasesn
Battery life:  300 charging cycles (up to 80% capacity)
Charger:  Input: 100 240 V, 1.4 A, 50/60 Hzz
Output: 16.8 V, 1 A / 16.8 W.
Further equipment:  Automatic shutdown: 10 min / 30 min / off
Sync connection 3.5 mm / sync voltage DC 5 V
EasyCap & Delay (only possible with Rollei TTL trigger and app)
Firmware upgrade
Detachable handle / tripod holder
Compatible radio transmitters:  Rollei professional radio transmitter Mark II
Professional radio transmitter for C / S / N / F

Note: All devices must have the latest firmware for maximum compatibility. (Firmware updates can be found in theDownload center)
Compatible cameras:  Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus
Dimensions: 22.7 x 14.2 x 8 cm
Weight: 1158 g / 939 g (with / without battery)
scope of delivery
  • 1x HS Freeze 2s studio flash
  • 1xLithium-ion battery
  • 1x charger including cable (plug type C)
  • 1x reflector
  • 1x accessory adapter
  • 1x honeycomb
  • 6 x color foils
  • 1x carrying case
If you are looking for firmware, operating instructions, data sheets or declarations of conformity, please visit our download center
Depending on which tariff you choose in the checkout, we deliver within 1-3 working days . You can find more informationhere. You can get most of the items within 14 days return for free..


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