Rollei Filter F:X Pro Long Exposure Set (ND8 | ND64 | ND1000)
Rollei Filter F:X Pro Long Exposure Set (ND8 | ND64 | ND1000)
Rollei Filter F:X Pro Long Exposure Set (ND8 | ND64 | ND1000)
Rollei Filter F:X Pro Long Exposure Set (ND8 | ND64 | ND1000)
Rollei 26402

F:X Pro Long Exposure Set (ND8 | ND64 | ND1000)

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OurF:X Pro Long Exposure Set includes three ND filters (Neutral Density) of the highest quality, whose task it is to reduce the light falling on your camera sensor. The filters included in the set have a Size of 100 x 100 millimeters, and are extremely fine with ours Luminance coating. That guarantees you razor sharp images – even with high-end cameras with 150 MP. Thee Color fidelity is exemplary, which means for you that you can capture your surroundings exactly as the human eye sees them. Also the freedom of reflection our filter is 99.5 percent.

For this you need ND filters:

  • Representation of movements through longer exposure times
  • Removal of moving objects from the picture
  • Highlight the subject by blurring the background
  • Increasing the aperture - reducing the depth of field

The F:X Pro Long Exposure Set consists of three filters with different intensities:

  • ND 8 (3 stops)
  • ND 64 (6 stops)
  • ND 1000 (10 stops)

A stop means that the amount of light falling on the sensor is reduced by one f-stop at a time. This enables you to take pictures with longer exposure times even when the sun is shining. Moving elements of your composition can be blurred, which, for example, ensures that the water looks silky when taking a picture of a river, but larger stones in the river are sharply drawn. You want to photograph a tourist attraction, but preferably without people in the picture. This is also no problem with an ND filter. Because the long exposure ultimately only leaves the immobile architecture in the picture.

Depending on how much light should hit the sensor, you can also combine our filters with each other. Our rectangular filters also have a foam seal between the camera and the filter so that there is really no light reflex to be seen on your work that does not belong there.

  • 3 neutral density filters in the strengths ND8, ND64 and ND1000 made of Gorilla Glass. B. to show flow and wiping movements
  • Combine the ND filters for slower shutter speeds Make people or moving objects disappear from your photo
  • Ultra-fine coating ensures razor-sharp images even with 150 MP high-end cameras
  • Exemplary color fidelity capture nature as it is seen by the eye
  • Impressively clear images thanks to approx 99.5 % freedom from reflection
Technical specifications
Filter strengths:
ND8 (3 stops), ND64 (6 stops), ND1000 (10 stops)
Compatibility: 100 mm rectangular filter system
Product line: F:X Pro rectangular filter
Material glass:
Gorilla glass
Scope of delivery
  • Rollei F:X Pro ND8 100x100 mm
  • Rollei F:X Pro ND64 100x100 mm
  • Rollei F:X Pro ND1000 100x100 mm
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