Rollei Licht Softbox für Lumen Flex M
Rollei Licht Softbox für Lumen Flex M
Rollei Licht Lumen Flex Softbox M
Rollei Licht Lumen Flex Softbox M
Rollei 28516

Softbox for Lumen Flex M

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Frame mit Softbox - Lumen Flex S


Softbox and frame for the Lumen Flex M LED permanent light mat

For our series of flexible permanent lights Lumen Flex of course we also have exciting things equipment for her.


Gerichtetes Licht mit der Softox Flex S


Frame and softbox for the Lumen Flex M

Of the Frame enables you to do this Lumen Flex M to screw on a normal tripod and then, for example, with the help of the Frames tilt to bring the light a little better where you want it. Normally you would use the X-Mount as a bracket to hold the Lumen Flex to attach to it. With the Frame is the combination of Light and bracket however, it is a little flatter and it creates a certain distance to the LEDs, which makes the light a little softer. And here comes ours too Softbox in the game. Because with that Frame are you able to do that too Softbox to use. It is there to direct the light a little better and to make it a little softer with the external diffuser. Everyone Frame is by the way on each of the different Lumen-Flex models Matched in sizes S, M and L so that you are guaranteed an absolute fit.


How do you set up the softbox?

Lumen Flex S Anwendungsbild

  • Professional and even illumination of subjects
  • Inner silver coating ensures good light reflection
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Diffusers ensure soft lighting


Technical specifications
Dimensions: 35 x 60 x 14 cm
Connection: 1/4 "tripod thread
Compatibility: Lumen Flex M LED permanent light

scope of delivery
  • 1x softbox for Lumen Flex M
  • 1x diffuser
  • 1x frame for Lumen Flex M

Note: ThatLED continuous light Lumen Flex M is not included in the scope of delivery


Abbildung Lieferumfang Lumen Flex Softbox in Größe M

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