Rollei Video MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2
Rollei Video MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2
Rollei Video MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2
Rollei Video MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2
Rollei Video MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2
MIOPS 70055

MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2

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Miops Splash Water Drop Kit v2


MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2 - for photographing water drops

Nice that Splash Water Photo Kit from MIOPS with holder is a powerful gadget that the Drop photography made it child's play. This made photography more impressive Water structures possible, which takes you into a previously strange world.


Blitz und Kamera können unabhängig voneinander ausgelöst werden


Not only the Size of the falling drops is thus adjustable, but also the time intervals at which a drop should be released. It is also possible to define whether the flash or camera should trigger with a delay. With the MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit V2 As a photographer, you are not only able to mushroom-like water structures to photograph, but also Capture drops that seem to float in the air over troubled water. And best of all: All the necessary settings are via Smartphone and bluetooth adjustable so all you have to do is position the camera and flash.


Tropfen, die zu schweben scheinenWunderschöne Wasserformationen

So now MIOPS is launching the second version of the Splash Water Photo Kit, called the Splash Water Drop Kit V2.

The improvements: The Mechanism of the water column has been improved so that water leakage is now prevented. Also, in the first version, removing the water column for cleaning was very cumbersome. This has been changed so that the water column can now be removed more easily for cleaning. There's a screw on it for that Splash kit attached, which makes it no longer necessary to open the entire housing.

There is also a hidden button that you can use to manually switch the kit to upgrade mode. Usually, however, upgrades are done through the app. In addition, the electrical circuit has been improved, so MIOPS has resolved a problem that caused difficulties in valve actuation.


Für ein perfektes Setup mit perfektem Timing

  • Photograph water droplets at the moment they hit the surface of the water
  • Drop size can be adjusted
  • You can choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 drops
Technical specifications
Accessory type: Shutter water drop set
Dimensions: 25 x 9 x 3 cm
Weight: 279 g
scope of delivery
  • 1x MIOPS Splash
  • 1x lightning cable (3.5mm to PC sync)
  • 1x micro USB cable
  • 1x articulated arm
  • 1x Quick User Guide

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