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    Rollei camera and sensor cleaning equipment: Equipment that is always ready for use!

    It is best to clean the lenses before each use. Dust, water spots or fingerprints contaminate the lens and cause image defects. Anyone who has ever retouched these "stains" on all photos knows: It's no fun at all! But grains of sand can also get stuck in the mechanics of the lens. That's why you should definitely clean and maintain your camera regularly

    5 steps to cleaning your camera

    • Wear suitable gloves.
    • Remove the lens and close the housing with a cover flap.
    • Now clean the camera and the hard to reach areas with a brush.
    • For lenses, clean the front and rear glass.
    • Shoot test photos for checking purposes.

    Sensor cleaning

    Every camera sensor will collect dirt in the long run - from the air when changing lenses (static charge) or from itself through mechanical abrasion. Every particle on the sensor will make itself noticeable by dark spots in the image. If these "culprits" are always in the same place in the image, then the sensor is dirty. Unfortunately, even the automatic sensor cleaning function often does not lead to a satisfactory result. This is where the Rollei sensor brushes come in, with which you can easily wipe away dirt and dust - carefully and with a steady hand. Rollei offers the right cleaning equipment for professional sensor cleaning

    In 8 steps to a clean sensor - simple and safe:

    1. Fully charge the battery.
    2. Take a picture. Look where exactly the smudges are in the picture.
    3. Now pull the Rollei cleaning gloves on.
    4. Now the sensor with the Rollei camera air blower (Clean the bellows.
    5. Then clean the sensor with a new Rollei sensor brush dry.
    6. Take a control photo.
    7. If necessary, clean the sensor with the Rollei sensor cleaning fluid. Use a maximum of one drop.
    8. Finally, take a control photo and check that all stains have disappeared. If this is not the case, please repeat the process until the control photo is free of spots.