Das Viltrox Objektiv AF 85 Millimeter f/1.8 mit Canon RF-Mount im Praxistest

The Viltrox lens AF 85 mm f/1.8 with Canon RF mount in a practical test

In a practical test, Stephan Wiesner tested one of the new Viltrox lenses as an alternative Canon lens with the Canon RF mount. In addition, he compared the Viltrox innovation with the original Canon lenses.
Einzigartige Aufnahmen dank des Viltrox-Objektivs im "Land of Fire & Ice"

Unique shots thanks to the Viltrox lens in the"Land of Fire & Ice"

Daniel Arnzen was drawn to Europe's northernmost island because of the impressive landscape. From his point of view, Iceland offers the perfect backdrop for spectacular landscape photography! He mainly deals with wedding and couple photography, which is why he went to Iceland with his models to fulfill his long-awaited dream. Here he was able to perfectly combine the two themes of landscape photography as well as wedding and couple photography.
Mit einer 24-Millimeter-Brennweite Milchstraßen fotografieren!

Photograph the Milky Way with a 24mm focal length!

The experienced Milky Way photographer Anja Kallenbach was able to test the Viltrox lens with a focal length of 24 mm during her trip to Chamonix, a municipality in France. In this blog post, she tells what experiences she has already had with the 24 millimeter focal length.
Das neue Viltrox 24 mm Objektiv im Vergleichstest!

The new Viltrox 24 mm lens in a comparison test!

Photographer Stephan Wiesner took a close look at our lens on his YouTube channel and put it through its paces in a direct comparison with the Sony GMaster. In the video you can find out how well the Viltrox lens performs against the much more expensive lens and what surprising findings he made.
Viltrox-Wechselobjektive für die neue „Sony α1“

Viltrox interchangeable lenses for the new"Sony α1"

Next to the world market leader Canon, the Japanese electronics group has positioned itself in second place among the leading camera manufacturers and has now left well-known brands such as Nikon behind. Just thirteen years have passed since the first self-developed SLR camera, the Sony α700 with A bayonet in 2007, to the latest model presented today.
Neues Viltrox-Objektiv (56 mm) im Test − und das Bokeh? „Sehr, sehr smooth“.

New Viltrox lens (56mm) on test - and the bokeh?"Very, very smooth".

Professional photographer Stephan Wiesner has also made a review on YouTube of the new 56 mm lens (APS-C) that Rollei is currently launching in cooperation with Viltrox . All experiences can be found in this blog post including video.
Stephan Wiesner testet das neue 33 mm Viltrox-Objektiv

Stephan Wiesner tests the new 33 mm Viltrox lens

Professional photographer Stephan Wiesner presents the new AF 33/1.4 E (APS-C) lens for Sony E-Mount in a new video that he has published on YouTube. All experiences with the new lens can be found in this blog post including video.
Landschaftsfotografie Viltrox-Objektiv 23 mm

Hands on:Viltrox 23mm! This is what professional photographer Frank Fischer says about the lens

In his brand new YouTube video, professional photographer and photo trainer Frank Fischer presents the new Viltrox lens 23 mm with aperture 1.4, a particularly bright and open aperture lens that we at Rollei are presenting in cooperation with Viltrox.
Stephan Wiesner Viltrox Objekive

Photographer Stephan Wiesner in the video:This is what the new Viltrox lenses can do

At Rollei, in cooperation with Viltrox, we have just brought new lenses onto the market, which are already being very well received by our customers. And not only there, but also with the photographer Stephan Wiesner they are popular.