Einzigartige Aufnahmen dank des Viltrox-Objektivs im "Land of Fire & Ice"

Unique shots thanks to the Viltrox lens in the"Land of Fire & Ice"

Daniel Arnzen was drawn to Europe's northernmost island because of the impressive landscape. From his point of view, Iceland offers the perfect backdrop for spectacular landscape photography! He mainly deals with wedding and couple photography, which is why he went to Iceland with his models to fulfill his long-awaited dream. Here he was able to perfectly combine the two themes of landscape photography as well as wedding and couple photography.
Jeder möchte das perfekte Food-Bild: <br>So geht’s!

Everyone wants the perfect food picture:
That's how it's done!

In cooperation with us, the two food photographers Sebastian and Mabel were given the opportunity to put the products to a practical test for the launch of the Lumen Studio 150 LED permanent light and the C5i macro aluminum tripod . Both products completely convinced the hobby cooks and made it much easier for them to take their photos and videos. Aesthetic and artistically arranged photos are essential, especially for Instagram!
Charakterportrait mit Dauerlicht? Das Weeylite ninja 400 II im Praxistest!

Character portrait with continuous light? The Weeylite ninja 400 II in practice!

Photographer Manfred Jasmund has so far only used studio flashes for his work, so he was very excited to test the Weeylite ninja 400 II LED continuous light when working with us. Find out more about working with the continuous light and its experiences during and after the test here.
Kreative Outdoor-Shooting-Ideen mit den transportablen LED-Lichtern der LUMIS-Serie

Creative outdoor shooting ideas with the portable LED lights of the LUMIS series

Photographer Jannik Wagner once again showed his skills in the creative outdoor shoot with model Sharmika in an abandoned hotel near Kaiserslautern. He used the mystical location and the atmosphere of a sandstone cellar with candlelight.
Kreative Outdoor-Shooting-Idee im Steinbruch mit der LUMIS-Serie

Creative outdoor shooting idea in the quarry with the LUMIS series

Skilfully highlighting the details of a location with light? Of course – in a collaboration with us, photographer Jannik Wagner showed how this challenge can be mastered. For the launch of the LUMIS lights gave him the opportunity to flexibly use the LUMIS U-Light and the LUMIS Compact RGB and thus implement creative picture ideas with the compact LED lights.
Einzigartige Erinnerungen durch ein Farbpulver-Shooting!

Unique memories through a color powder shoot!

Photographer Pia Bethkenhagen loves animal photography. In order to give it that certain extra, she uses color powder for her creative shooting ideas in addition to our studio flashes . However, since photographing the four-legged friends often poses a small challenge, Pia uses elements of studio flash and high-speed photography to help.
Lumen Flex im Einsatz bei Hochzeits-Fotografin Marina!

Lumen Flex in use at wedding photographer Marina!

Photographer Marina Radon specializes in"boho"wedding photography and enjoys working with the warm, woody tones that are typical of vintage style. In her work, she shows that"boho"does not necessarily mean outdoors in a hippie look, but that a bridal couple can also be photographed indoors in your style.
Vier simple Foto-Setups kreativ umgesetzt!

Four simple photo setups creatively implemented!

No creative shooting location available at the moment? No problem. Because our photographer Seb Nagel shows how to convert your own apartment into a photo studio with the smallest of means. We have already introduced you to a few creative solutions by Seb Nagel in various blog posts. Now we want to present four of his other great ideas to you.
Lumen Stick & Ringlicht: Farbenfrohe Fotoshootings auch zu Hause!

Lumen Stick & Ring Light:Colorful photo shoots at home too!

Creative photo locations are currently difficult to find, so you have to do something different with a little creativity. For example, with the space you already have – in your own apartment. We recently suggested two more ideas for new types of shoots, from our photographer Seb Nagel from Kaiserslautern.