Kreative Outdoor-Einsätze mit dem LUMIS Mini I-Light

Creative outdoor use with the LUMIS Mini I-Light

The diverse application possibilities of the continuous lights from the LUMIS series only become apparent when they are used. Since every photographer has his own style and techniques, the most diverse results and creative settings can arise. Photographer Florian Kunde was able to test two of our LUMIS Mini I-Lights in practice in order to demonstrate the possibilities in macro and nature photography when it comes to lighting.

Already at the beginning, Florian Kunde notices that the lights are such an easy thing to do mood lighting to adapt and change in your own pictures. What other functions and possible applications You can find out what he particularly liked during his test in this article.

The features of the small LED tube light are small but finee

Even before the actual practice test the photographer was visibly surprised. The LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB comes with numerous uses, so one can use his creativity can let loose. These include, among other things, the versatile setting options, which include a variable color temperature, the RGB as well as a Effect mode with 20 effects belong.

According to Kunde, the well thought-out design also particularly stood out. What exactly he means by that, he explains again in detail. On the back the LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB stick lights are magnets appropriate. This is particularly useful for placing the lights on different surfaces with metallic properties. As well on end of the lights magnets are installed, which make it possible to three LED bar lights connect to. Added to this is that tripod thread, which is attached to the underside of the light so that it can also be screwed onto a tripod depending on the area of ​​application.

The combination of versatility and compactness for the photographer especially in his work in macro photography. With the lights can be highlights put on the motives or they serve as A substitute for the lack of natural light, such as the sun.

Perfectly staged with the LED bar lights

In order to be able to test the lights in practice, Florian Kunde waited for the lavender in his garden to finally start blooming. This was a macro motif, which he had wanted to photograph for a long time. From his point of view, this was the perfect moment to put the lights through their paces. When the time finally came, there was no sunlight, so the two LUMIS Mini I-Lights RGB directly as replacement light source used.

For the first setting he combined over the magnetic function the two LED stick lights together and placed them on his Compact Traveler Mini M-1 tripod. He then lit the individual lavender sprigs diagonally from above.

Rollei Lumis I-Light RGB

In a direct comparison you can clearly see what the Use of the LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB can create a different mood. While the image on the left looks quite cool without the use of the lights, the image on the right appears as if the sun is about to set.

Rollei Lumis I-Light RGB

The Mini I-Lights were also able to trump in the second setting, another macro motif. Good light is at macro shots very important as i am here with a closed aperture work to throughout the needed sharpness to receive, Florian Kunde clarified. It is therefore particularly practical compact design of the lights, which makes them special close to the subject can be placed.

Rollei Lumis I-Light RGB

In order to be able to capture the last drops of water on the leaves of his own kohlrabi as a motif, he placed both lights in one different RGB color right under the leaves. From his point of view, the recording is through the light setting purposefully upgraded.

Rollei Lumis I-Light RGB

The conclusion of the photographer

„The LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB is a well thought out little one power light, which quickly convinced me, says Kunde. Above all, it has that Price-performance ratio played a very important role in this. Also the strong battery, who depending on the settings at his outdoor shoots up to six hours Being there all the time was a big plus. Florian Kunde adds that in addition to the many possible uses in the photography and videography the lights also cut a fine figure in the lifestyle area, for example as ambient lights.

The two LED bar lights the LUMIS series will continue to use him at various Photo Tours allowed to accompany and help him, creative settings easy to implement.


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