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How you can even create black light effects with our Lumen Sticks - without any real black light at all

Schwarzlicht-Effekte mit den Lumen Sticks

Anna Münzebrock |


Lumenstick Schwarzlicht

 OurLumen Sticks are powerful and at the same time absolutely mobile LED lamps with which you can easily and impressively illuminate a wide variety of motifs. This gives your pictures an absolutely creative component.

But why mobile And why creative The answer: The sticks are battery-operated and their LEDs also light up in RGB. In this way you can give the object of your photo desire a beautifully colored touch, but it doesn't stop there. Because as a photographer, you can even achieve bombastic black light effects, as the photographer couple André Düxmann (Instagram: @djamd) and Janine Gwinner (Instagram: @lost140601) showed with really impressive


camera lens cover shutter ISO
Sony A7iii Sony FE 50mm 1.8 1/2000 1000


Lumen Schwarzlicht



The model for this shoot was Lorena Bjelic (Instagram: @loreeniya), and the make-up on her face is reminiscent of an evening at the club, which also included a tube or two of fluorescent make-up. In reality, of course, it was completely different and possible with very simple means, as André and Janine explain to us. And so that you can easily reshoot it, the two explained to us in detail how the shooting went and what they needed for it.

Canon 6d, Canon 85mm 1.8 Iso 1000, f 2.8 , 1/3200

As André explains, the final photo required even less effort than previously thought. He says:„We originally wanted to take pictures with a black light lamp, but with the sticks it was even possible without black light. Because with the help of the sticks, the color was already shining so brightly on the skin that we no longer needed the lamp. You can even see it on the model's skin. And using the sticks with the app was really easy.“


When working with fluorescent make-up, it is of course particularly important to keep interfering light sources or reflections out of the picture. That's why André and Janine opted for V-Flat reflectors. They are coated light on one side to reflect light and dark on the other side to absorb light. Depending on the desired use. The latter was intentional in this case, to give the luminous paint all the space it needs to look really impressive.


OurLumen Sticks then placed the photographer couple to the left and right of model Lorena for regular lighting. Our sticks offer white light (87 LEDs), warm light (87 LEDs) and RGB (90 LEDs) in equal parts, as well as a color temperature between 3200 and 9999 Kelvin. But they don't have ultraviolet LEDs, which are actually necessary for black light effects. A dark blue, which tends towards violet, is possible and that was sufficient for the effect..

Floureszierende Schminke


Colored make-up, which can be bought online, for example, is important for this effect. Important: It should not be normal make-up, but UV make-up. This is because extra luminous color pigments are added to this color during production, which are then activated by the light.

Lumen App


OurLumen Sticks can be set manually on the device, but also with the Lumen App from Rollei. You can easily set colors, intensities and gradients with your smartphone without having to put the camera down first.

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Model Lorena:Instagram

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