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The F:X Pro round filter set in use with Max Montella

Das F:X Pro Rundfilter-Set im Einsatz mit Max Montella

Christian Schnoor |

Max Montella, the travel photographer of the Italian photo and travel blog “passamdo dal mondo” had the opportunity our F:X Pro round filter set of 3 to test in practice. In this new article, Montella explains what you can expect from the filter set and how the round filters fared in the photographer's test.

Montella was in Venice and photographed the view of the Grand Canal and the famous Ponte Vecchio arched bridge in Florence. These tourist hotspots are particularly popular in filter photography because, for example, particularly soft water can be depicted ideally.

The first impression of the round filter set

Vergleichsbild mit dem Rollei ND8 Filter

camera focal length cover exposure ISO filter strength
Sony 7R III 28mm f/16 4 sec 100 ND8


The set consists of three gray filters in different strengths (ND8/ ND64/ ND1000), which are ideal for photographers who travel a lot and want to have a selection of different ND filters with them. The filter set comes in one stable cardboard cylinder, in which Montella also stows the filters during transport for trips. The F:X Pro round filter themselves are screwed together and contain one for the front and one for the rear own metal cap. The sealing caps ensure that the filters protected from bumps or dust are.


The photographer emphasized that the clear labeling on the caps and the filter enable quick changes and readiness for use.


The impressions of the filters during the test

The main feature that Max Montella noticed right away is that all three filters did not introduce any chromatic aberration or strange changes in the final image. According to him, the use of ND filters also makes sense in broad daylight. Even by the sea he has no problems with stray light or had unwanted reflexes.

Vergleichsbild ND64 Filter von Rollei

camera focal length cover exposure ISO filter strength
Sony 7R III 17mm f/5.6 1 sec 100 ND64


The high quality material, from which the filter frame consists and that precise thread enable problem-free screwing onto the camera lens. According to Montella, this thread in no way interferes with attaching the lens hood or even with hooking in the front cover. That too Gorilla Glass® convinces with a strong robustness! Every shot was flawless without sacrificing quality or changing coloration.


F:X Rundfilter-Set von Rollei

Montella's conclusion

After the extensive test and collecting his impressions, Montella can only recommend the round filter set. For travel, they are screwed together in a convenient form and take up little space in a backpack or bag. The low weight of the filters is also a big advantage for him when he travels with larger equipment. He only sees plus points in the filters if you want to respond individually and quickly to different lighting conditions.

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