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Fotograf Stephan Wiesner im Video: Das können die neuen Viltrox-Objektive

Bei Rollei haben wir in Zusammenarbeit mit Viltrox gerade ganz frisch neue Objektive auf den Markt gebracht, die schon jetzt besonders gut bei unseren Kunden ankommen. Und nicht nur dort, sondern auch bei dem Fotografen Stephan Wiesner sind sie beliebt.
Mit dem neuen Dauerlicht Soluna II-60 unterwegs in Venedig Reading Fotograf Stephan Wiesner im Video: Das können die neuen Viltrox-Objektive 2 minutes Further Unterwegs mit den neuen Lumen Panel LED-Dauerlichtern

Photographer Stephan Wiesner tests the new Viltrox lenses

At Rollei we have in cooperation with viltrox just fresh  new lenses brought to the market, which are already very well received by our customers. And not only there, but also with them photographers are they popular

For example at  Professional photographer Stefan Wiesner , who is dedicated to lenses on his YouTube channel. Among other things, he puts this there Viltrox FE-85mm f/ 1.8 Mk2  compared to the comparable Sony lens and explains in the video, for example, that it not only feels very high-quality, but also has a wide focus ring.

Viltrox Objektiv Blumenlandschaft

Viltrox 85mm F1.8

Sony Objektiv Blumen Beispiel

Sony 85mm F1.8

Photo situations with harsh shadows

In his evaluation, he also gives a video example of a photo situation with relative hard shadow . Among other things, he uses two Rollei freeze flashes, astriplight and a bigger onesoft box . He uses both flashes because he theoretically wants to lighten the face and back of the model's head to be photographed.

The first example he gives is a so-called cinematic headshot , so called because the resulting image looks like something out of a movie. The person should shine, be bright and friendly and also stand out, but not stand in the shadows or be dark.. 

Viltrox Testbild Stephan Wiesner

Viltrox 85mm 1.8

Sony Testfoto Stephan Wiesner

Sony 85mm F1.8

Handling identically convinced by Viltroxx

Wiesner's assessment: TheViltrox lenses and Sony are identical in handling from his point of view. He works a lotopen aperture and afterwards provides the resultsboth lenses side by side.

Above all, he is convinced of the  Sharpness of the Viltrox lens compared to the Sony lens. Also at bokeh he's more taken with the Viltrox lens, as he explains, which is an important point for the photographer. Because a 85mm lens he buys, as he says, above all because of the bokeh it creates.

In his test, he photographed, among other things, a motif with flowers and also a test chart, which he also photographed with both lenses. Here, too, he is very convinced of the Viltrox lens .

You can see the entire review and what Stephan Wiesner says in his conclusion about the lens in the video.

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