Der Astroklar-Filter im Einsatz

The Astroklar filter in use

Max Montella is a travel photographer for the Italian photo and travel blog passamdo dal mondo and was able to test the Astroklar filter on his travels in another collaboration with us. Due to the ever-increasing light smog, it is hardly possible at night to take sharp photos that are yellowish from the light. The round or square filter Astroklar is available in different sizes and ensures perfect recordings at night.

Which impressions Max Montella was able to gain with the filters, which merits of Astroklar filters stand out and what's inside scope of delivery is included, you will find out in the following part.

Rollei Astroklar-Filter

The first impression of the Astroklar filter

For the test, Montella had both the 100 mm square filter as well as the Round filter version of the Astroklar filter in action. As soon as both versions were unpacked for the first time, the Filters convince.

The photographer is enthusiastic about the high-quality execution of the optical glass with a double nano-coating. Max Montella emphasizes that the packaging already caught his eye: the small details, the stickers and above all the velcro fastener for intact opening are a must small highlight for him.

The square filter comes in a synthetic leather case, so that the filter does not get scratched or cracked over time. The Round filter Astroklar is provided with its own transparent plastic box to master the transport damage-free.

The advantages of the Astroklar filter

The greatest advantages of Astroklar filters are the clear colors and real representations of the scenery: With the filters, the reduce light pollution and nice shots at night make. The filters are oil, water and dirt repellent and prevent reflections.

The rectangular and round filters Astroklar in practice

The use of filters will save him a lot of time and work in digital post-processing, since the scenery very real and genuine recorded and counteracts the light pollution in the surroundings. He already tried out the filters at sunset and noticed a difference. There was no artificial version, but a true picture without the effects of light pollution.

The travel photographer makes it clear that he is both with the Around- as well as with that Rectangular filter Astroklar no loss of sharpness would have had.

Rollei Astroklar-Filter


For Montella they are Astroklar filter a real asset when it comes to perfect shots at night goes. The filters are ideal for reducing light pollution. Most of all, that surprised him good value for money as well as the easy to use. The combination with other filters is possible thanks to the thread on the round filter or a rectangular filter holder and the realistic-looking recordings at night take up a lot of time on the home computer.

Rollei Astroklar-Filter

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